Valley Fire: 6th Most Destructive Fire in California History and Damage Could Grow


Homes burning in Middletown last week make up a fraction of the more than 888 structures consumed by the destructive #ValleyFire. [For more of @EPN564‘s fire photos, follow on Twitter.]

Even with damage assessment uncompleted, the Valley Fire is the 6th most destructive inferno in California history, said Cal Fire today. It is the most destructive in the last eight years. Not only that but this inferno is occurring simultaneously with the Butte Fire which is currently the 7th most destructive fire in this state’s history.


At this point 888 structures are known to have been consumed as the fire swallowed over 75,000 acres–up 600 acres from yesterday. The monster is slowly being tamed though. Firefighters have managed to contain about 53% of the perimeter. Many residents returned to their homes yesterday. More are expected to be allowed home today.

To help you stay abreast of the most current information, the sidebar to the right has the latest tweets about the #ValleyFire. And we have the most current maps available as of 8 a.m.

Here are four of the best:

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  • Anyone who had poked around Angora Lakes were saddened by how much timber and scenery got chewed up by the fire. The worst part was the high number of homes destroyed.
    There was a point on the road to the Lakes that looked at devastation from the ridge down to an entire South Shore neighborhood that was just perimeter foundation outlines.

  • Many people won’t be counted in the released numbers. Sad, take care of your own CAlfire isn’t going to save you. Set your place up to divert shock troops of a firestorm. Off grid irrigation can save your bass.

  • Interesting that 15 of the 20 fires have occurred in the past 25 years. Technology is no match for Mother Nature.

    • More people = More fires. They’re are more people living in the urban interface than ever before. Has nothing to do with technology or Mother Nature. Has everything to do with stupidity and carelessness.

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