Humboldt County Man Dies After Being Hit by a Car

The Arcata Fire District Facebook page (see below) posted about 1 p.m. today that a local man and one of their former volunteers, Ford Cavanaugh, died after being hit by a vehicle.

The Jackson County, Oregon Sheriff’s Office reports that yesterday Cavanaugh was struck by a vehicle driven by a Matthew Harris in what they believe was an alcohol related accident.

Harris was booked into jail on Manslaughter I and 2 charges.



  • How much would it cost to install mandatory breath testers built into the ignition of all cars.
    Yes, they could be worked around, but as a driver I would like a devise to help awareness of just how impaired a driver might be before an arrest or major catastrophe like this.
    Probably could save more lives than airbags.

    • I agree 100%. They should be mandatory, for booze and pot, and any other drug, legal or not

    • I had a friend that had to blow onto his breathalyzer before his truck would start, that guy had a serious problem, so it can be done

    • @Silverlining,
      You always have these suggestions of mandatory rules and regulations imposing some kind of device to be a magical fix all. What is up with that? The more we devices we impose the more that has to be extracted from the earth, manufactured, transported and consumed by us humans. Thus further contributing to the destruction of Earth. Why do you hate earth so much?

      I have some suggestions that you might approve of please let me know what you like best.
      1. Humans give up all technology, all have to live in a bubble, can not interact with each other and absolutely can not build or construct tools of any kind.
      2. Be clones, have different classes of clones for different task levels and take soma whenever the time feels right.
      3. Live life at your own risk.

      Another man collided with a tree. Maybe they need to make it mandatory to have no tree within range of a highway or road? Perhaps another magical device to avoid the tree?

  • Lucky the firefighter brotherhood didn’t cover it up. They do that

  • @silverlining, that is a great idea but instead they are making cars with automatic brakes so drivers can be more careless, Pfst.

  • That’s sad R I P

  • Breathalyzers don’t work on hybrid autos… At least not yet…

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