Over 4,200 Firefighters Battle the Destructive Valley Fire


Firefighter holding injured cat rescued from the Valley Fire. [Photo provided by the Cal Fire Humboldt Task Force.]

Though some residents are being allowed back into their homes today, the Valley Fire continues to grow. Yesterday, it consumed another 800 acres for a total so far of 74,500 burned. However, containment is growing. Firefighters have built lines around 48% of the inferno.

Over 4,200 firefighters have arrived from all over to battle what some are calling one of the most destructive wildfires they’ve ever see.

Later today we’ll have a story about local heroes, our Humboldt County firefighters, saving homes and house cats (see photo left) in this devastating fire.

Information is constantly coming in from the frontlines of the fire. To help you stay abreast of the most current information, the sidebar to the right has the latest tweets about the #ValleyFire. And we have the most current maps available as of 8 a.m.

Here are four of the best:

Open this map full screen.

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  • Thank You, we have that same cat (orange cat, Boots, Hot Stuff, and Tuffy) one cat with many names is much loved. I am with Nines these rescuers are the most beautiful site.

  • There is a FB page called Lost Pet-Found Pet-Lake County. If you’re an animal lover like me it will break your heart. There are links off of this site for donations and they need volunteers also. The fire happened so fast in the middle of town that most animals weren’t able to be evacuated. Lots of them lost their lives in homes, kennels, corrals, barns, and cages. There are many with burns that have been rescued and moved all over the place. Please help if you can even if it’s $10. Thank you.

  • Tears rolling down my face as I read this.thanks so much for that picture!!!I will be giving $$don’t have much,but I’m giving what I can.

  • While Hidden Valley Lake and Middletown are being opened to residents, north-east of the Valley Fire’s NW-most salient (which has not changed since Sunday evening) is the Harrington Flat area, totally untouched by fire, but still under lock-down with residents not being allowed to return, and no explanation forthcoming. The entire fire area has been crisscrossed by news people, so it is clearly safe enough for them, but strangely areas that never burned, and have not been threatened since Sunday evening are not safe enough for residents to so much as visit and secure their properties. What is going on ? Rumors abound: looters being shot ?? non-evacuees found dead (but not from the fire) ??? A crime scene investigation that takes multiple days and cannot be revealed even to the press ??? Can someone find out why we can’t go home to unburned area when residents of burned areas are OK to go home ?

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