Valley Fire’s Rampage Slowed by Rain, Firefighters Begin Corralling the Flames


While off-shift at the Valley Fire, Humboldt Bay Firefighter Eddie Blevins and crew brighten some children’s day! [Photo from the HBF’s Facebook page.]

Rain dampened the Valley Fire and allowed firefighters to stop fighting desperately to save structures and move to the offense. They now have rammed in containment lines around 40% of the perimeter and the fire has only increased about 700 acres from yesterday morning’s total.

However, warmer and drier weather arrives today. By Sunday the temperatures are expected to be in the 90’s.

Authorities are reporting multiple fatalities and tremendous destruction of property. So far there have been three confirmed deaths and the Lake County Sheriff says he expects to find more. 585 homes are reported to be destroyed at this point. But, Cal Fire points out, “As access improves and additional information becomes available, the numbers of damaged or destroyed structures will change. The inspection process is meticulous and ongoing.”

Information is constantly coming in from the frontlines of the fire. To help you stay abreast of the most current information, the sidebar to the right has the latest tweets about the #ValleyFire. And we have the most current maps available as of 8 a.m.

Here are four of the best:

    • Zoom into this one (Cal Fire public information map) or this one (Cal Fire Ops Map) to get lots of detail but they take time to load.
    • A 3D Google Earth Map–you’ll need Google Earth for this (Click here to get a feel for what the landscape of the fire is like.)  (Because of the cloud cover, pilots were unable to fly and this is more limited than usual.)
    • A geometric shape map that gives you the basic areas and is usually the most current. See below.

Open this map full screen.



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