Three McKinleyville Homes Raided

Press release from the Humboldt County Drug Task Force:

HCSOOn Thursday, September 17, 2015 at about 7:30 a.m. the Humboldt County Drug Task Force along with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office served a search warrant at three brand new houses on Maplewood Rd in McKinleyville.

When the officers served the search warrants they discovered two of the houses were specifically for sophisticated marijuana grows. Officers arrested three people at the residences: Haley Marie Paulsen age 24, Emily Christine Page age 25, and Andrew Lee Grigsby, age 31.

The officers located growing marijuana plants, dried marijuana packaged for sales and distribution, concentrated cannabis for sales and distribution, high-end money counters, large quantities of packaging materials which indicate the shipment of marijuana, a large amount of ballistic body armor, security guard badges, police radios, handcuffs, cell phones, state and federal police clothing, and paperwork on how to be a narcotics smuggler.

All three arrestees were transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility for the following charges:

Paulsen: HS 11358 – Plant/Cultivate/Harvest Marijuana
PC 182(a)(1) – Conspiracy: Commit Crime
HS 11357(a) – Possession of Concentrated Cannabis.

Page: PC 182(a)(1) – Conspiracy: Commit Crime

Grigsby: HS 11358 – Plant/Cultivate/Harvest Marijuana
PC 182(a)(1) – Conspiracy: Commit Crime

Bail was set at $25,000 for each of the arrestees.

Anyone with information for the Sheriff’s Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at 707-445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at 707-268-2539.




  • One home was purchased for 248K back in April. Wonder if they made their money back yet.

  • They’ll book and release them tonite…they’ll go dig up their emergency cash and be long gone…

    And where exactly did they get the Police and Fed Agent clothing and radios? From robberies and home Invasions, no doubt…

    Wonder if there’s any connection to the MacTown Boyz gang here…You actually can’t tell by the girl Haley’s facebook page…

    • Do the stores and online retailers of uniforms really take the time to verify if the customer is actually enjoyed by an agency? Highly doubt it. Plus these folks would havta rob someone that wears same size.
      And sometimes Halloween costumes look just real enough.

      • When it comes to security guard clothing and other clothing items they possessed, the rules are very lax.
        Great clothing to wear in a ruse, to rip off pot.

    • the clothing?? walk into ANY police supply or gunshop and buy off the rack OR order from galcos or 511tactical.. on the net.. ballistic vests?? same you should at least resemble a security guard and be familiar with the terminology…

      make sure no agency names/patches are on same nor should you try for fake badges.. security/police that WILL get charges leveled..
      but plain uniforms with no insignia?? no problem.. and when meeting with LEOs tends to calm them 🙂
      ie some call it a 511 tuxedo 🙂

      and I recommend against trying to rob a cop/security type… they are like wrestling with a pig in mud.. ie they train for exactly this and hope some idiot will try..

      a random security type

  • Growing up in good ol Macktown, I find it sooo funny that there’s a group of people who call them self’s the Mack town boyz! Soo stupid. I know the real Mack Town Punks, R Dub and the rest of the fellas?!! Hahaha! This dumb gang stuff is all brot on by outa towners who move here to grow the ganj and they bring with them their STUPID ASS ways from wherever they came from. Get the hell outa
    Humboldt u tourist kooks! Long live the true Humboldt farmers.

  • Two military type helicopters just came roaring over Alderpoint pretty low heading north in a big hurry. All green, a slightly lighter green than usual military green. 🚁

  • You hit the nail on the head bravo el oel

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