Stay Informed! Go to This Cannabis Farmer’s Compliance Workshop

flowers with weedCalifornia Cannabis Voice Humboldt is hosting a Farmer’s Compliance Meeting on September 26th. Below is more information about the meeting.

The Bigfoot Golf & Country Club in Willow Creek is hosting a Farmer’s Compliance Workshop to help you stay informed about issues that affect our farming communities as the cannabis industry makes this monumental transition.

Beginning at 4:00 pm, we will be joined by guest speakers:

Natalynne DeLapp – Executive Director of the Environmental Protection Information Center (E.P.I.C.)

Paul Gallegos – Attorney/Former Humboldt County District Attorney

Dan Mar – High Tide Permaculture Design

Praj White – Manhard Consulting

Sarah Schuette – Dirty Business Soil Consulting & Analysis

Music will start at 7:00 pm with a local DJ set and we are excited to welcome special music guest Jah Sun!!

The Congo Cafe food truck will also be there with delicious Central African food!



  • Is this a festival or a place to get information?

  • Skateboarding Jesus

    Like when the local church youth group tries to suck you in with cool bands and free food and they’re all so nice but then at the end of the night they’ll sneak it in there that if you don’t comply you are gonna buuurrnnnn.

  • Awesome! The organization that sold us all out is hosting the former DA who invited all the mega-grows to our county to tell us “he cares” or some such malarkey. Then we get music from that big ego who lived up in Tahoe ripping people off. And it all happens at the CCV clubhouse/golf course bought by the mega-grower who rolled in from Virginia (or was it South Carolina) to take advantage of our scene. Wonderful! All the winners who destroyed your county and the mom n pop scene we had will be telling you what you now must do to delay the day by which their newly permitted acre grows will squeeze you out completely… I’m puking. These guys suck.

    • A pig in a suit is still a pig

      I bet these guys don’t listen to camo cowboys

    • Oregon has a two acre limit as well as 10k sq. feet of indoor as a proposal right now.
      From what I hear they have far fewer regulations in general. Good luck competing with that.

      • Why we don’t see the large, national corporations involved yet? They are saving it for the future federal “legalization”. That’s when they suck up all these small players who thought they “won” in their states. We should have pushed for small limits- 25 or 50 plants- and we might have had a large number of small family enterprises. But thanks to the greedy mega-growers and lobbyists from Oaksterdam and CCV-H we are falling headlong into the trap. Thanks!! Just please stop saying how you’re looking out for us and you’re our heroes and such?

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