Seeking Gypsy Soul: Coroner’s Office Looks for Answers in Unidentified Woman’s Death

CaptureErnie Stewart, Humboldt County’s Chief Deputy Coroner, is hoping the public can help him. The name of the young woman found hanging last week in the Redwood Community Forest is still a mystery.

No one matching her description has been reported missing in the area. Her fingerprints have been run through a local data bank with no success. Now, they’ve been sent on to the FBI but that could take weeks before any answers come back…and that’s only if there is a match, which there might not be.

The woman, whose clothes and personal appearance seemed well cared for,  appears to have hung herself by sliding down a bank.

According to Deputy Coroner Roy Horton last week, the woman who had medium length brown hair with blond highlights was between 19 and 23 years old, was 5’3″ to 5’4″ and weighed about 125 pounds. She was dressed in a sleeveless, gray t-shirt with the words Gypsy Soul written in black letters. (The photo above was provided by the Coroner’s Office. It is not her actual shirt but is an image of the same shirt.) She had on skinny jeans and a skirt.

On her back, Horton said, “she has a thin outline of angel wings….that go below her shoulders all the way down her back.” Inside the wings is “some kind of symbol we can’t figure out like a 4-sided star that is very thick and bold.” On her right hip, he says, is a red rose. “It’s very, very large. It takes up her whole hip area. On her left side, near her lower abdomen, is a big, black scorpion–five or six inches in length.” Her finger nails were painted orange.

She also had scars on her wrist that might have been self-inflicted.

If anyone recognizes this description, please contact the Humboldt County Coroner’s Office at (707) 445-7739.



  • Doing an image search makes it look as though that shirt is only sold on Etsy.

    I’m sure the police have already looked into this, but just in case they didn’t, the seller can be contacted and asked to search their records for any sales of that shirt shipped to this area.

  • This is such a sad story. She could have been from just about anywhere. So sorry this happened and how tragic for her family who must be devastated not hearing from her. Someone is missing her terribly, no doubt 🙁

  • Are other news agencies reporting this? So far you are the only place I have seen mention the incident at all.

  • This should go out to all law enforcement so they can broadcast it.word of mouth works well sad a young girl toke her life.where ever or who ever she is may she rest in peace and bless her family.this broke my heart,but their are so many troubled souls out there.if you can reach out help someone,any kind words help

  • I know it’s morbid, but they should show close-ups of her tattoos, or at least good drawings of them, so we can see what they look like. That may help.

    • I agree. Its sad that we fear death so much that dead bodies are considered morbid. Many cultures sit with the body and pray for a few days. Or prepare it with herbs&oils.
      It would really help to see her actual face
      Still hard to believe there are no DMV records or other ways to ID body. What is all that technology for??? They’ve found identities thru bone and dental records.
      Too bad the multitude of natural disasters in our country have not pushed authorities to find better id methods.
      How did they just id the woman who was burned in lake county so quickly?

      • The woman in Lake County was found in her burned home. She would just need to be matched to existing records. This woman needs to be matched to thousands and thousands of records. And, there may be no record of her at all. There is no mandatory fingerprinting required of ordinary citizens.

    • Russian? Bus ticket history?



    • “The moon beamed down so lightly
      On distant field of clover
      The Gypsy Cowboy wanders
      Because he knows it’s over…

      …Oh Oh So Sad
      You build it up you tear it down
      Oh It makes me so sad
      Oh Oh So Sad
      Mama Cried”

  • ” …. the tragedy …. lives on. Lets stand up together for the lost souls, may their souls never be forgotten.”
    -Author Unknown

  • I wonder if Kathy could have helped her. It’s so sad that the one person in the community who was able to reach at-risk people is gone.

  • I’m sure law enforcement took a picture of her face. Perhaps a drawing of her face and circulate it ?? This is sad….

  • From the grinding despair that comes with severe depression it may be impossible to see any escape. It may be impossible to even remember that your life ever felt good. If you have a loved one suffering take them to get help, let them know that they matter to you. It might be the last thread that they can use to pull themselves back, and they can come back. Though they may not be able to see it, they can.

  • My little cousin went up to aracata and eureka area and we haven’t heard from her since september 8th. This description matches her except tattoos last I saw her she didn’t have any but I haven’t seen her in a while. She is only 18 though long dark brown/black hair 5’2 100-125 lbs. Brown eyes. She is a free spirit. Into a lot of hippie stuff. She is half white half hispanic. Name is Marisa Wilkinson Used to go by Marisa Hernandez.

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  • Sarah did not kill herself. She was traveling with a suspicious individual who disappeared after her passing. I saw her under a month before she passed, I had known her for ten years. The Arcata police are neglecting to further investigate. They won’t answer or return calls regarding her case. She used to cut herself, when she was 15 and 16, for attention, because she thought it was cool. So did alot of our peer group at the time. Sarah was a on a trip to go see the pacific ocean for the first time in her life. She was happy.

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