Big Rig Stuck on Alderpoint Road…Again…

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Photo provided by reader.

Just east of the Alderpoint Bridge, a semi was defeated by the twisty road. The 75 foot long loaded box trailer has been stuck on the road since approximately 7:30 a.m. There is one way controlled traffic at the scene and a tow truck is on the way. Try to avoid the area this afternoon as the tow truck attempts to get the vehicle out of the road and on its way.



  • What business did he have up AP road? Or was this another GPS gone wrong incident.

  • The truck is has been stuck there since about 6:10 am. Yes, it was a GPS gone wrong. I told them that they need to get a hold of whoever put that road on the GPS and take it off as they have not business on this road.
    They were not the first to get stuck and they won’t be last as long it stays on the GPS.

  • Loaded with what exactly?

  • They need to post a sign on that road:

    “WARNING TRUCKERS: Your GPS is trying to kill you. Go back at once or it will be too late.”

    I think this is just the opening shots to be fired in the upcoming Machine/Human wars.

    • That is funny, machine vs human wars. We won’t last a minute. Look at how we fell apart when they took away our internet. Some kind of warning does needs to be posted but will the computerized vehicles comply?

  • The mapping GPS companies like Garmin and De Lorme, cant just “Take a road off’ every GPS that has been sold. They will have to correct the road info in new versions that are sold, and hope that folks with older ones update them once in a while. I know a lot of people that never even check their GPS for updates…

    • the misadventures of bunjee

      Wouldn’t kill them to read the actual maps that GPS display and stop to think “Hey, that road is seriously windy, maybe 299 is better?” Or the signs along the route that say “carry chains” which would imply mountain driving and elevation change?

      • Most commercial truckers needs permits. These permits tell them what routes to take. They use the GPS when they get close to find addresses. So, unless it’s an independent owner, they do not get to choose what route to take, the company tells them what route is on the permit. If the main office in say, Missouri, didn’t take a lot of time looking it over, the poor driver gets stuck like this. And even flat Highways like Route 44 have signs that say Carry Chains, that just means it may snow there. Just because it mainly snows HERE in the twisty mountains, doesn’t mean it’s that way everywhere.

  • Imagine the damage robot trucks will with GPS, shredx is bad enough. We need humans not robots in rural country.

  • I think its a gas lock. The truck says ” Forward Air ” I believe thats connected with Obama`s 2012 presidential slogan, Lean Forward, before expelling gas.

  • “Darwin awards next 5 miles . “

  • He seems to be heading towards Alderpoint, don’t you think? That means he drove that truck from Bridgeville. How he got past that bridge this side of Blocksburg, I can not imagine.

  • It was 50 gallon Rubbermaid totes…

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