Vehicle Fled After Hitting Pedestrian on Broadway

Eureka Police Department

One lane was shut down in the 3000 block of Broadway in front of “Lots for Tots” for a short time after a vehicle struck a pedestrian and fled southbound at approximately 6 p.m. last night

According to Brittany Powell of the Eureka Police Department, “The suspect vehicle was described as silver and possibly an early 2000’s model Volvo.  The pedestrian was transported to the hospital.”

If you have anymore information on this crime, please contact the Eureka Police Department (707) 441-4060.



  • Wow hit and run attention to the road people.your gonna get caught.the punishment isn’t hard enough to keep people from breaking the law so run run run.hope the person is ok .

  • Tweakers new game they ran out in front of your car collect insurance money

  • Would the damage have been to the driver’s side?

  • “If you have anymore information contact the Eureka Police Department.” Well, I did and never will I do so again.

    Driving southbound on 101 around Pepperwood last night and after 6pm a light gray 2003-05 Volvo S60 passed me at about 80mph. As he was approaching me I could see the driver’s side headlight was out and as he got closer I could see it was broken with damage to the car around the light. As he passed I looked into the car and could describe the driver’s facial appearance.

    I read the article today, way after the fact. Called EPD and was essentially treated like the suspect. Once the person I was talking to realized I wasn’t the registered owner of the suspect vehicle he lost all interest in any further conversation and said “We’ll see what we can do for you” and hung up the phone without even getting my phone number. Once bitten, I don’t think I’ll be calling them in the future about anything. EPD does live up to it’s reputation once again.

  • Thats epd. Check broadway camera back a few days.

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