[UPDATE 8:24 p.m.] Valley Fire Forces Evacuations in Three Counties as It Continues to Grow

Capture Valley

As seen from the air, a wall of flames and smoke moved across Lake County this week. [Photo provided by CalFire]

As of 7 this morning, Cal Fire estimates the Valley Fire is 70,000 acres and 30% contained. That is an increase of 9000 acres since yesterday morning. Lake, Napa, and Sonoma county residents have all been affected by evacuation orders.

Showers predicted for today could help crews slow the fire’s spread. However, less than a quarter of an inch is forecast, which is unlikely to significantly squash the flames. However, for evacuees now living in tents, the wet weather will increase their misery. In addition, higher winds are expected, which could be problematic.

Cal Fire has almost 2800 personnel on the inferno, which destroyed over a thousand structures, injured four fire fighters and took at least one life. The agency posts the latest evacuation and road closure information here.)

To help you stay abreast of the most current information, the sidebar to the right has the latest tweets about the #ValleyFire. And we have the most current maps available as of 7 a.m.

Here are four of the best:

    • Zoom into this one (Cal Fire public information map) or this one (Cal Fire Ops Map) to get lots of detail but they take time to load. (From images taken at 11:10 p.m. on the 15th.)
    • A 3D Google Earth Map–you’ll need Google Earth for this (Click here to get a feel for what the landscape of the fire is like.)  (From images taken at 11 p.m. on the 15th.)
    • A geometric shape map that gives you the basic areas and is usually the most current. See below.

Open this map full screen.

UPDATE 8:24 p.m.:



  • I might just soil myself if I saw that bearing down on my world.
    Too bad this is not considered on a par with terrorism, might get more funding and some serious rethinking of policies.
    It has no political goal so I suppose it cannot be called that. Yet it does create feelings of terror.

    • I agree.
      I also hope private labs investigate the ashes, for chemtrail mixtures, some of which are highly flammable.
      Between over regulations that won’t let people manage their resources, & under regulating that allows corporations to use poisons to kill trees, Chemtrails crisscross ing our skies at all hours of the day & night but especially during cloud cover, and health groups preaching smoke bans instead of proper HVAQ & Heppa filters, … it’s time for an old fashioned revival.

  • There’s no such thing as a “chemtrail”. Yes there are contrails all over the sky especially around here where virtually all flights to and from Asia out of SFO and LAX pass over Cape Mendocino. “Chemtrails” are a particularly silly conspiracy theory put forth by folks who slept through their science class in school. If your going to spray someone its pretty dumb and not very accurate to do it from 30,000 ft. Think about it.

    • Didn't sleep thru class

      Then could you explain the trails that stay in the sky for hours, spread out , then cause a cloud cover. Those ARE NOT con trails.

      • When did you start looking up. Contrails have been spreading and diffusing for at least 50 years. A short course in meteorology will explain the phenomenon.

    • Either you are very young and never saw a regular contrail, or you are not looking up. Whether it’s mere water condensation in a toxin-laden atmosphere or those toxins are coming out of those planes, chem/contrails are NOT behaving like regular contrails.

      In the 50s and 60s, you were lucky if they lasted as long as a minute and were more than, say, three plane lengths long. They were thin and stark white against a very blue sky. Now they look more the color of sand, stretch from horizon to horizon against a much less blue sky, sometimes an almost white one and take HOURS to dissipate. All those things have been observed by the general public, especially the ones old enough to identify what an actual contrail is.

      There are substances in the sky and on the ground that do not belong there. Trees all over have been ailing visibly for a couple decades, worse every year, and of course radically worse in the drought. The indications are dire, and toxic to plants and people, so I don’t think it’s fair to call it “a particularly silly conspiracy theory”. Whatever it is, it demands our attention and remedy, neither of which is happening… and waving it off as silly is at least half the reason why.

      • Here here nines! Thanks for telling it like it is, I couldn’t of said it better. I have lived long enough to know the difference between the two and contrails don’t leave toxic heavy metals detected in our water. Look up, pay attention & be aware!

    • It is amazing what people fantasize about and dream up to be a real problem .well the chemtrails seem to be working up here in Trinity County we’re finally getting some rains thank goodness.

    • David Kirby, why you so young ?

    • What makes you so sure? A growing number of people who not only stayed awake for science class, but continued well after happen to disagree. Plus I know a pilot who works for one of the programs.

  • In the 50s and 60s most commercial planes had prop engines that produceless exhaust. Modern planes have larger jet engines and they fly higher which means the condensation turns immediately into ice, not water vapor. That is why you see it for longer.
    It’s possible that there is a global conspiracy to use airplane exhaust to reverse global warming. it is well known that plane exhaust has a small but important impact on the amount of sunlight that gets through the upper atmosphere.
    If you really are concerned about the environment then choose one of the many real problems facing the planet and figure out what you can do to change it.
    If you want to be written off as a kook just repeat silly claims about how everything is toxic and how one secret system is responsible for every problem you can see in the world

    • That jet exhaust has been found in all our food. Everywhere. It’s a thing, and not a conspiracy thing, but a scientific thing. It just isn’t exactly big in the media.


      And we had jets in the 50s and 60s — I was an avid watcher — and ice doesn’t take half the day to melt and drop or evaporate out of the sky. That would account for the difference between the one and two plane length trails that last only a few seconds and the four and five plane length ones that last almost a minute. You still see those at particularly high altitude… in the same sky with the chem/contrails.

      And you’re making up a lot of arguments I’ve never heard chemtrail activists make.

      But everything IS toxic… or relatively toxic now. Have you read the labels on the food you buy? Even though they leave out the part about the jet exhaust, there are a bunch of them listed you can look up and see are toxic. Just because it doesn’t kill you immediately doesn’t mean it won’t in aggregate or SOME of us.

      You guys, it’s really easy to just snap your mind closed, one way or the other, but if you bother to look into things, you find a lot of the stuff you are conditioned to call nuts, just isn’t as nuts as you think.

      It’s not helpful, either, to belittle people who aren’t, after all, any more deluded than you are. We need to live and work together. Things might get something like wonderful around here if we tried a little harder to get along.

      • so u are linking poisons in our food to chem trails???

        • It’s in there from jet fuel. A friend of mine looks at leaves and produce with a magnifying loupe and swears there are particles on there we do not want to eat. I’m skeptical about it because I know how weird things look under a microscope, but he’s describing stuff that really doesn’t sound right… fibers, little shiny geometric bits. ???

          But people have tested stuff in the soil, water and air that can’t have distributed like that without being dropped out of the sky and that stuff makes plants and animals sick. So, yeah, it’s in our food too, but I’m linking the poisons in our food to labs. The toxins they use are right on the labels.

          You should watch the video “Does anyone care?” linked downthread. She lists a lot of them.

          Just listen for a few minutes if you don’t have an hour. You might learn something.

    • Nines , Why then does Superman have no chemtrails ? Issue 16 #4 he travels faster than a jet , but no ice trail, what gives ?

    • Agreed. The people who believe in chem trails are most likely the same folk who wont vaccinate there kids. They read con-spiracy web sites and claim them as fact! dont you think that if chem tralis existed to change our weather etc that we’d have figured it out by now? and plz dont tell me it’s a gov cons – piracy ( cons piracy ;- )
      and go off and read the totally bogus natural new .com !

  • There already is a political goal for these fires. Global warming and higher taxes passed down to the middle class and poor.

    • Yeah, I’ve been noticing it on the Twitter feed for this conflagration.

      I wish people would take out the time to listen to Randall Carlson on the matter. I think somewhere in the first half hour to hour of this:


      he makes THE most cogent statements about this whole climate change circus. It really helped ME, and before we let politicians railroad us on the matter, we ought to at least have listened to someone dedicating his life to getting at something more like actual.

  • The jets are dropping spridermites :-).

    That wall of fire is butt puckering scary.

  • There are a lot of toxins in our environment, from many sources. Predominantly agriculture & internal combustion engines. It is a price paid for the convenience of manufacturing and travel and feeding millions of people.
    It has, in my estimation, an impact on the environment and in that way does have an impact on these fires.
    Another way humans have an effect on these fires is, the only reason we fight them is to protect people and infrastructure and resources we value.
    Fires, volcanoes, floods, earthquakes… we live on a dynamic planet.
    Being human, we relate to it as it impacts us and our habitat. And a healthy habitat for modern life forms.
    This is a massive fire in a fairly inhabited area containing much that is near and dear to us. It is fueled by tinder dry conditions that have worsened over several years, fanned by winds to move faster and more dangerously than we can easily contain it.
    Kudos to those who put their lives & lungs at risk fighting this fire and sympathy to those who have lost so much. The earth will heal.

    • Dottie
      Very logical, intelligent and well put. Thank-you for the breath of fresh air in an otherwise polluted medium. Blogsites used to be fun and intellectually stimulating before the illiterazzi showed up.

      Some scientists say that the sustainable population of the world was 2.5 billion. We passed that in the 50’s, and we are now closing in on 8 billion people. We are headed to a very predictable crash. We may as well babble about chemtrails, because nobody is going to talk people out of having babies.

      Our best hope is to just make the best of what we have.

  • Dave Kirby,

    local government hired helicopters to spray malathion over the population of Orange County, California as just one example of a possible “chemtrail” conspiracy back in the late 1980’s early 1990’s I believe… folks had to cover their vehicles and anything else including their personal gardens. Malathion is something you don’t want to breath or eat… darn thing, eh? Oh yeah, malathion is flammable…

    • T…I was staying with friends down in so cal when the med fly thing was going on. One night I was awakened by five helicopters flying over in formation spraying the hell out of the neighborhood. Had nothing to do with contrails. Have been dealing with “chemtrail” folks for years. I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree. I would like to know who you guys think is behind this conspiracy and whether all the pilots are in on it.

  • I spent my childhood marveling at the CON trails. Those who claim they were the length of 3 jets and dissipated so rapidly were probably watching the ones in the higher altitudes where there was quite a bit more turbulence. That turbulence blew the trails apart rapidly. The extra long ones we see are flying through relatively calm air space. I remember long ones and short ones as a kid. Seeing as how I am well beyond retirement age, that was quite a while ago.

  • That wall of flames and smoke is very scary looking.nice photo.My heart goes out to all those who lost their homes.God bless you all.Firefighters please take care.my god be with you!!!

  • The fire sucks! but I’m with nines on this one…
    Making popcorn now, Carry on

  • https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DTxvWLrUeE8
    This woman is from Mendocino and does research of con/chem trails. Check it out

    • I remember when Rosalind first started getting public attention. Immediately, people started calling her a crazy hippie and a nut, etc, etc, etc. Which she CLEARLY is not. But I’ve come to realize that whenever the media or the buzz starts besmirching someone like mad, that means I need to research it for myself because they’re probably actually doing something good.

      It’s crazy how many times that turns out to be the case, and I admire Rosalind Peterson.

      And she’s right about when the trees started looking sickly. That’s when I started noticing it and worrying about it too.

  • Bravo to those educating people about the chemicals being dropped on us. No matter what you call them, they are a real serious matter.
    P.S. Google the origin of “conspiracy theory” before you start throwing that insult around. Its an interesting story. 😉

  • There is admitted weather modification. And there is non-admitted weather modification and there are clearly a new class of trial that turns into a haze and greys out nkrther cal not infrequently.

    I can’t say more, or have an opinion on links to tree deaths…

    There are many fairy tales in circulation:

    The official 9/11 story, that the two parties result in a democratic system, that the mainstream media tells you what you need to know.

    That capitalism is not titled inhernetly to oligarchy…

    There are many fairy tales…I am not sure chem trails are one

  • And the fires are ferocious. Elemental fury.

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