Small Vegetation Fire North of Phillipsville

post office Phillipsville (1 of 1)

The small post office in the tiny town of Phillipsville. A fire has just been spotted in a redwood grove to the north of there. [Photo by Kym Kemp]

At 7:13 p.m., Philipsville Fire Chief Hank Toburg can be heard over scanner traffic saying he has a wildland fire in the redwood grove north of his town. Cal Fire is putting out a large response. Multiple crews are being sent to the site. At least one engine is one scene.

As we wrote this, the incident commander is reporting that a 30×30 spot is burning in heavy duff. Forward progress has been stopped. Some crews are being returned to base.

Sounds like the firefighters caught it in time. We’ll update if needed.



  • That is what the Huey’s were scrambled for. I went broadcastify to check and only heard about Cal Fire following up on warming and cooking fires in transient camps.

  • This is the fourth fire along the Avenue this summer, all in redwood groves, where fires don’t just start on their own. The other three were right in the vicinity of Miranda. We have a firebug.

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