[UPDATE 4:30 p.m.] Resident Wakes With Knife at Neck in Salmon Creek Home Invasion

A resident of Rossi Road in the Salmon Creek area of Southern Humboldt woke about 5:30 a.m. with a knife at his neck and two men shining flashlights in his eyes, according to Lt. Wayne Hanson of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The 31-year-old victim of a home invasion told deputies that the two subjects kept asking where his money was. As they tied him to the bed, they punched him in the head. They gagged him with a pair of boxer briefs. Afterwards they searched the house, took his wallet and his keys, and drove off in his Dodge truck.

The victim said that he was able to remove the rope fairly easily off his wrists as the invaders didn’t tie it that tight. He called 911 and by 6:52 a.m. the California Highway Patrol were at his home. Because the flashlights were in his eyes, the victim was unable to describe them other than to say they smelled of fuel and wore dark clothing and gloves.

The stolen truck was later located not far from the property. It had been used to ram the locked gate on the driveway of the property. After discovering a rope tied to the victim’s truck, deputies suspect that the thieves used the truck to tow their own vehicle–possibly from where it had gone off the road. “The guys must have walked onto the property I assume,” said Lt. Hanson.

Several items were also taken from the truck including DVD’s and a distinctive $900 black and blue Marmot sleeping bag. If anyone has any information about this crime, please contact the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at 707-445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at 707-268-2539.

UPDATE 4:30 p.m.: A member of the neighborhood watch encourages locals to take pictures of parked vehicles–preferably including license plates as well as descriptions. Then if something like this happens again, the recent photos can be used to determine suspects.

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  • a $900 sleeping bag. Damn somebodys living the good life.

  • That is hardly the point klamathman. Someone was assaulted in his home and robbed. You want to call that the good life? I think you have a perspective problem.

    • It may not be the point and unfortunately stories like this have become common for this county, but what isn’t common is a $900 sleeping bag. Maybe if he had invested in a motion sensor, locks for his doors, a goose, or any number of thief deterrents available for less than $900 he could have avoided being assaulted and robbed.

      • Sure, but what a drag to have to behave so defensively against humans when you live a country life.

        Also, $900 does seem a tad overpriced for a sleeping bag.

  • Don’t trust anybody tell your kids family or friends not to bring anybody over

  • Game cameras, game cameras, game cameras. I am so sorry that person had to endure that horror. Fight back people. Find ways to catch these intruders. Make it miserable for them if they try to come in. Get creative.

  • Let your guard down and these tweeker gangs come around like an infected zombie horde.

  • The description of the robbery sounds exactly like a visit from the drug task force. Maybe they forgot to file the report.

  • Are you people serious? This man was robbed in his home and all you can talk about is the fact that he had a $900 sleeping bag. It’s his money he can spend it on whatever he wants. Instead of talking about how much he spent on it why aren’t you talking about how long it took the cops to get to his house.

    • Because we all know that the cops won’t come to our house. Its too far away and the crime is not serious enough. However if they do come it will be at least, on a good day, two hours. That’s “country livin” in Humboldt. Have you read the news in the past couple of months, gang shootings, people stealing fire fighters equipment, pounds of heroin being found and let loose. Being a young man living in So Hum means more than likely you are involved in growing. Not bad, not good, just most likely the facts. We here about robberies at this time of the year frequently. A $900 sleeping bag is insane. It might go to show that if he is not climbing Mt. Everest, they have money to spend. Welcome to Humboldt by the way.

      • I have to admit I have an almost fetish for outdoor technical gear. All about what a person considers worthwhile. When I was younger I spent far more time outdoors and rain outfits, hiking gear, was my idea of a good investment. Screw the other bills I was all in on a outdoor lifestyle shiny objects. Always thought out purchases and of course had to choose what item was really worth it. As I recall Marmot was Humboldt made at one point.

    • Based on the timeline stated in this article I’d say that’s pretty good timing for a cop to arrive at a rural location like this one. Between an hour and an hour and fifteen minutes is not bad. I just hope for this guys sake that the boxer briefs they gagged him with didn’t come from the dirty laundry.

    • Not too much. I to could do the same but it seems like there are other ways to make money that will most likely not put you on somebodys radar of people to rob. But you never know, tweakers run thick.

  • Probably bred and raised locals.

  • I wonder if he knew the robbers or did they pick him randomly

  • I hope the boxer briefs were clean.

  • Get a dog. Get a security system or at least video surveillance. Dog is best early warning system but I like the goose idea, too.

  • That is hilarious Mr dumbolt.lol

  • I am always amazed at how someone appears to walk through an unlocked door and invade a residence at an early hour without someone reacting to it. If you live out in the rural parts of the county and don’t have good dogs and good guns, It might be better to move back into town these days, in these times there are far too many who will target you for what you have and what they want to steal. The response time of over an hour by the CHP isn’t good either, it reads like they were doing the Sheriff a favor as all of the Sheriff’s units were a long ways away. This isn’t fair to So-Hum at all and there is no excuse for it. There are just too many thieves around who don’t seem to worry about invading a home. They need to worry about it and need to be dealt with.

  • Even the cops say “get a dog or 2″… A deputy was on Kmud not long ago stating because of the long response time…the best defense is some sort of early warning…like a dog or dogs. I agree…a couple of loud dogs will scare off most any thing including bears, big cats and more importantly…rips. Mine sleep in the house by the locked front door. My two friends, Mr Smith & Mr Wesson will back them up.

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