Flames Followed by Explosions in Redway Residence


Photo provided by a reader.

At approximately 4:47 p.m., a one story wooden residence in Redway on Madrone Ave caught fire. Multiple witnesses reported explosions. According to Ernie Branscomb a retired firefighter who showed up after the fire started, the structure is “fully engulfed.”

Firefighters have contained the fire to the one structure in spite of what one witness called, “a wall of fire.”

All the residents are believed to have escaped unharmed. “There are no injuries that I know of,” said Stewart.


Photo provided by Mara Green


Photo from another reader.




  • Golly. We’re getting almost used to this, aren’t we? 🙁

  • Drug lab.

  • Dam it. Another Meth lab bites the dust!!

    • Place does look pretty tweaky for sure. If that’s what it was and it doesn’t spread, good riddance. Although the firefighters sure could use a break.

  • Bye-bye lab.lots of these bad boys as of late.geeze.sad wake up

  • More likely a hash lab rather than a meth lab.

    • Yep, most meth is imported (along with heroin these days). The new regulations on aquiring pseudoephedrine* in this country worked to push the manufacture to Mexico.
      * contained in Sudafed and other over the counter antihistamines.

  • Whether it was a lab or just piles of flammable junk in range of a careless person… looks like a hell hole for firefighters to have to enter.

  • Thank you Redway VFD, BVFD and everyone else who helped and kept it from spreading.

  • Germany has a tax system we should adopt. The better your house looks, the cheaper is your property tax burden. It ranges from 0.25 % of accessed value for a nice looking home to 10% for a place like what we see here burning up.
    Here in America we have it ass backwards. The better your house looks the more you get charged in taxes. The shit hole you live in gets charged less. The message it sends is, Dont fix up your house, so that you can save money.
    Liberal thinking —Calling good bad….. and calling bad- good.

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  • I understand how people are “glad” that a another lab is gone and they deserved it and all that jazz. But please remember or consider that this was a womens home. A place of sanctuary, no matter how grand or terrible the place may look, still a home and a place to be. I live catty corner to her and watched her sit with her dog (dog and small bag of items being all she had left to her name) sit and watch as the firefighters tried to save her home. Drug lab or not, please respect the fact that this women (good or bad to you) just lost everything. She needs your prayers, good thoughts, and healing energy just as much as any other person.

  • It belongs to an elderly woman and her dog. No meth lab! The explosion and plume of fire was the propane tank going off. Thanks to all the brave fire fighters and neighbors. I watched it from Par, they were in the thick of it.

  • Some one has their story mixed up.

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