[UPDATE 10:31 p.m.] Humboldt County Firefighters Headed to Lake County Megafire


Diana Totten from Briceland Fire [Photo by Kim Sallaway–see more of his photos here.]

As Lake County’s Valley Fire tops 50,000 acres (almost 80 square miles) with zero containment, engines are pouring in from across the state. This evening, a task force of five crews from Humboldt County are heading south to battle the unprecedented inferno that has swallowed towns and sent thousands fleeing. Arcata Fire tweeted, “Arcata Fire District, along with Humboldt Bay Fire, Fortuna Volunteer Fire Department and Briceland Volunteer Fire Department have sent Wildland Fire Engines to help support the firefighting efforts in Lake County.”

Diana Totten from Briceland Fire said that they will most likely be providing structure protection but she isn’t sure where they’ll be stationed or how long they will be there.

According to Arcata Fire, “The Arcata Fire District is still fully staffed and ready to respond to local calls.” This morning’s roll call of fire resources in Humboldt County showed just six Cal Fire engines for the entire county. There are municipal fire engines as well as volunteer fire department resources available, however.

UPDATE 10:31 p.m.: Arcata Fire posted a photo taken by a member of the Fortuna crew as the task force headed south.

Be careful, folks.



  • Our thoughts and prayers are with you all! Stay safe! Thank you for your service!

  • You guys are the best. Be safe

  • thank you firefighters for doing what we can’t!!! Good luck and prayers for you and all the victims too…

  • God bless our fire fighter’s.

  • how did this fire start in the first place? seems like it pretty much happened over nite and know there saying 80 square miles?? what the f

  • Not been determined yet Saucy. It started at 1:30 pm yesterday and is now 60,000 acres, no containment

  • God bless you, Diana Totten. Come home safe.

  • So proud of our Humboldt firefighters who are went to help their brothers and sisters battle the Valley fire! Big shout out of pride to the all volunteer departments! Godspeed!

  • God speed to you all, come home soon and in one piece

  • Mega fire is no exaggeration.

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  • It’s nice that these folks are helping but this has me concerned.
    The story says this morning’s roll call of fire resources in Humboldt County showed just six Cal Fire engines for the entire county.
    Is it a good idea to be taking local resources out of Briceland when there are only 6 Cal Fire engines in the whole county? Arcata Fire District, along with Humboldt Bay Fire, Fortuna Volunteer Fire Department have more resources but in Southern Humboldt we depend on Cal Fire if some fire blows up. The local volunteers are heroes and indispensable when Cal Fire is not around. I sure hope nothing happens here while they are gone. Luckily there is rain on the way. Hopefully with no lightening.

    • I’ve been with a so hum volunteer engine for it seems weeks. For you and all people we stand on call 24 7 and will be till the calfire boys and girls come home. We respond with a drive as they do for us we do this for all and will not stop. Let your heart rest the volunteers are on call. Cal fire responded elsewhere and trusted us to step up as they left. We will cover and respond for all. So hum is staffed along with everywhere else the calfire boys and girls be safe as we the volunteers will stand respond and attack what comes our way. On call 24 7

  • Diana Totten is such a wonderful person and a personal friend of me and my family ,and we wish her all the best in her firefighting ability return home safe and sound god bless

  • Sending prayers with our Awsome fire-fighting hero’s for a safe return.Be safe.You all are rock stars.THANK YOU

  • Thank you fire fighters your in my thoughts be safe Diana!!

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