[UPDATE 3:40 p.m.] Third Transient Related Serious Assault Near Devil’s Playground in Three Days

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A witness reports seeing three to four police, a fire truck, and yellow tape behind the Bayshore Mall [Photo by Sande Kemp]

A stabbing occurred at approximately 11:18 this morning in Eureka behind the Bayshore Mall. The man received a single non-life threatening wound to the abdomen.

This is the third transient related assault in as many days. Yesterday, there was the uncooperative stabbing victim reported on here. On the 9th, a 30-year-old male transient was found in the overflow parking lot near the Mall with lacerations and seriously injured right knee. Allegedly four men knocked him to the ground and someone took a machete to his knee.

UPDATE 3:40 p.m.: Press release from the Eureka Police Department:

On 09/11/2015, at about 11:18 a.m., Eureka Police Department officers responded to 3300 Broadway for a stabbing that had just occurred in the vicinity.

Upon arrival, officers located an adult male victim with what appeared to be a single non-life threatening stab wound to the abdomen. The victim, a transient, was unable to provide a description of the suspect(s) and the location of the assault was described only as a trail in the green belt west of the mall. Medical aid responded and transported the victim to a local hospital for treatment.

Officers checked the area but were unable to locate a crime scene or the suspect(s).




  • klamathman@hotmail.com

    Get it together Eureka! More violence down there, gang killings, dudes getting off with lbs of heroin. That is outa control.

    • They can only do so much the environmental hypocrites at the environmental protection information center sued the city for clearing out the back Greenbelt

  • The city and police need to step up there game on this transient problem.

  • Keystone cops feeling about the Eureka PD.

  • But our police chief says Eureka doesn’t have problems.this is a problem!!I’m not feeling safe in EurekaI

  • Yuh, this stuff and all the accidents and I’m scared to drive back down to Mendo World lately.

  • Police intimidate victim

  • back in the day this was not a problem because people did not rely on the police to solve their issues they dealt with it themselves, of corse now if you try that you’re the one that gets arrested. but that’s what you get when you rely on the state and federal government to solve your problems for you.

  • BASTA! ENOUGH! To tolerate this ongoing crap is called enabling, and it is now leading to stabbings, robberies, gang-banging, and death. Screw a bunch of warm fuzzies – go in with a D8 and level the place, and keep on leveling until you hit the county line! (Or at least the end of the Mall). I don’t think this would stop the atrocious activities that occur minute by minute at the ‘playground’ but if the ‘playground’ was 5 miles down the way, we wouldn’t have to hear about it as often. They can all stab each other several times a day if they live out of our jurisdiction, and we won’t worry so much about it coming to the streets in the city.

  • When I lived in Oceanside, CA, many years ago, there were two main homeless camps: one on the bed of the San Luis Rey River, on the north end of town and the other in a greenbelt in the middle of town. Around three hundred people stayed in each one. There were some complaints about homeless people and the City bulldozed both camps, wiped them clean. Six hundred people found themselves on the streets of Oceanside and the housed residents were appalled. “Where did all these homeless people come from?” they said. Well, they came from right under their noses but they had been, for the most part, invisible up until then. So bulldozing is not such a good idea unless you don’t mind them camping under your house or in your garage.

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