[UPDATE With Video 4 p.m.] Hay Bales on Fire Spreading to Vegetation Near Cummings

Hay bales are on fire south of Leggett along Hwy 101 near Cummings. The flames are spreading into surrounding vegetation. Multiple tankers and crews are on their way to the incident.

UPDATE 3:20 p.m.: According to a Cal Fire spokesperson, the fire burned approximately one half acre before being controlled.
UPDATE 4 p.m.:



  • It looked like they tried to get the bales of hay out of the truck that were on fire,(without the success they were hoping) and that’s what caught the hillside on fire.

    • Spontanious combustión?

      • Funny thing, they call it spontaneous, but it takes quite a while for wet hay or oily rags to heat up enough to combust. And they usually need to be contained to trap the heat. If they were driving, I think it’s more likely Jethro threw his cig but out the window, and it blew into the back.😜

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