[Update: Reader Photos] Vehicles Collide in 101 Safety Corridor

An injury traffic collision was reported near Harper Motors around 10 a.m. today. According to the CHP incident page, a midsize passenger car and a midsize Honda SUV have major front end damage. Medical crews have just arrived at the scene and are “initiating medical care.” We’ll update this post when we find out more.

Update 11:30 p.m.: Photo from Manuel Ferreira

11349094_864917383586579_893617795_nUpdate 12:45 p.m.: Press release from the California Highway Patrol:

chpstarEUREKA, Calif. – On the morning of Wednesday, September 9, two parties sustained minor injuries after a Honda Accord traveling northbound on US-101, near Harper Ford, collided into a Honda Pilot.


At approximately 10:00 a.m., 22 year old Stephanie Mia Yang of Eureka, California, was driving a 2015 Honda Accord northbound on US-101, approaching Harper Ford.  65 year old Trudy Lunn Olson, of Eureka, California, was driving a 2007 Honda Pilot while pulling out of the Harper Ford parking lot.  For reasons still under the investigation Olson drove her Honda Pilot out of the driveway and across the northbound lanes of US-101, directly into the path of the Honda Accord.  The front of the Honda Accord collided into the front driver’s side of the Honda Pilot.  Both vehicles’ came to rest partially in the center median and partially within the number one lane of northbound US-101.  Both parties were transported by ambulance to St. Joseph Hospital with minor injuries.


All occupants were wearing their seatbelts at the time of the collision and DUI is not believed to be a factor.  The CHP Humboldt Area office is investigating this traffic collision.

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  • I hope everyone is alright.

  • Going south on the corridor I notice almost half the drivers on their cell phones. They must figure the slower speed and straight stretch makes it OK.

  • As soon as people got passed the wreak it was,hauling ass time.everyone went by me doing 70 easy.thats why there was a wreak!!!so dumb SLOW DOWN,get there alive.life is to short as it is

  • Not surprising, the corridor is full of a-holes tailgating and going 70mph. The chp could be making a killing on tickets, almost everyone is speeding while texting/talking with headlights off. 3 tickets right there. This class entering hsu are jerks, the bad driving has gone up a bunch since hsu started&can see their hsu parking permits. Am about to start carrying eggs to throw at tailgaters. Old arcata road/myrtle has double the traffic since hsu started and same thing, a-holes passing on two lane road doing 60-70mph. I honestly wouldn’t stop if saw em wrapped around a tree, darwin awards. Better them than my kids or pets.

  • safety zone was better when it was 65, now it has passive aggressive types that ride side by side going 50…..
    the safety zone would be safer if the bike lane was ripped out and a third lane added.
    this is all that old man’s fault for pulling out and getting nailed, it started the slow down. There were less accidents and side by side drivers when it was 65. Raising it to 80 would be better for everyone.

  • It's just bizness

    For a modest 5% I will take a PD sealed videocamera or two or three out there and photograph drivers…then take the camera back to the PD where they can make a copy, then I will go thru the copy and detail the many violations I see with license numbers and suggested violations…that all sorted and packaged then turn that over to the DA for prosecution…and court appearances if necessary.

    5% of any fines produced isn’t too greedy is it?

    cell phone use, tailgating, speeding, seat belts….seems like easy money for me and the county and a safer roadway eventually….

    while no one expects the Spanish Inquisition, being photographed in public by govt agencies or their representatives and contractors while operating a vehicle would not seem to be a privacy issue whatsoever.

    It’s a jobs program…it’s a witness program protecting the public.

    Imma public, you’re a public…besides the county needs the money, we need safer streets, and maybe the proceeds could help pay the DAs office for the extra court staff and asst DAs necessary here.

    If it pays, individuals could be licensed: got a favorite crosswalk your kids almost get crushed in every day?…sign up, be screened, sign out a camera and deploy.


    Lower it.

    • they should just develop a chip that can be inserted into the brain that detects when someone does something wrong and uploads it to a server in which the crimes are sorted and charged to their bank account

    • Your job will just be shipped overseas anyway

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