Caught on Camera: Man Siphoning Gas from Fieldbrook School Van

Security cameras caught  a thief siphoning gas from Fieldbrook’s school van. Reportedly, gas has been stolen multiple times from the small school before so equipment was installed in hopes of stopping the thefts.

The video has been making its way around social media and community folks have been asking each other–who is this? Do you recognize the him?

Video provided by Fieldbrook School

If you do, you can call the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip Line at 707-­268­-2539.



  • Take a good look, he touches the van. Find the spot and finger print it.

  • Too bad the video isn’t longer and shows him choking on some gas when he starts siphoning it out. What a P.O.S.

  • What a douchetard. I hope he gets caught and made public. Very public.

  • I realize cameras are pretty cheap now but wouldn’t the better investment have been a locking gas cap?

    Just sayin’…

  • Dude seems like a pro with that painted up gas can.

  • I have a difficult time conceiving of any reasonable excuse for this.

  • Let’s say a gallon of regular gas was going for about $3.15/gallon the day he decided to do this. That jerry can looks to be 10-gallons at most, so even if he filled it that’d mean his act of bravado in ripping off school kids netted him — at best — a $32 payoff. What a putz.

  • Look behiind you….you’re being filmed! I think they should siphon his gas when they figure out who it is….and take a wheel for good measure. He probably dumps illegally too!

  • It isn’t stealing when you take it from people that stole it in the first place! The schools have looted more from property owners than tweakers have ripped off.
    Maybe he just thought he’d get some property tax money back and this was an easy way to do it as votes aren’t even counted anymore.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      So if you get ripped off, someone will excuse the theft by saying, well, you’re a grower rip-off or you are a logger rip-off or you simply worked hard and have something I want. You have now declared open-season on yourself. Nice going, man. If we can rip-off the public schools with your permission it is obvious you failed to avail yourself of a public education. That’s sad.

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