[UPDATE 7:20 a.m.] Private Citizen Helps Capture Fleeing Drug Suspects


Suspect being placed into a police car [All photos from North Coast News.]

Officers with the Eureka Police Department captured two fleeing suspects on Summer Street this evening. An officer stopped one at gunpoint while the other was detained in a private home with the help of the resident.

According to the EPD, an officer had been following a BMW driven by someone believed to be involved in the drug trade. The driver attempted to flee and spun out in the 2300 block of Summer Street. The two occupants fled on foot reportedly tossing items that officers believe to be heroin and methamphetamine.

An officer apprehended one in the backyard of a residence while a private citizen captured another that was attempting to hide in his home. The two suspects were arrested on drug charges and for hit and run.

As of this time, their names and exact charges have not been released.

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Photos and information generously shared by North Coast News.

UPDATE 7:20 a.m.: Jail reports this morning give the names and charges for the individuals. (See below.) Raymond Gensawcrum was released at 9:20 p.m. on his own recognizance.


  • sweet, another book and release?

  • Must of been scary at the residents home, glad he’s safe. You deserve a citizen award for courage under pressure, nicely done no one got shot a couple drug dealers off the street with no violence

  • the misadventures of bunjee

    One would think that a well-to-do dealer in a BMW could afford matching rims.

  • hopefully the homeowner is armed considering that the have already been released

  • Rollin on mismatch rims dog thats that meth chariot….Rollin four donuts….

  • I, too, do not understand the “catch and release” policy in place here. The actions of these two perps seem pretty serious to me. No bail for one who was released on his own recog? I’d like to hear an explanation from the EPD Chief and the County DA.

  • Still waiting for charges? Did anyone find what they were throwing, while running?

  • You really cannot blame prop 47. Other jurisdictions do not release people who evade police, invade homes, and possess pounds of dangerous drugs. This is ALL about Mike Downey’s jail procedures. He says he “has to release” these people. He lies.

  • You know, Gary Webb died trying to tell you why this happens. Catherine Austin Fitts has tried to pick up the torch, getting it published wherever she can. Both extremely intelligent people… with evidence and inside knowledge… and still, after all these years, hardly anyone understands who’s selling our kids these drugs.

  • Good thing they didn’t get caught out in the woods growing, they might have gotten In trouble.

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