[UPDATE 4:13 p.m.]Emergency Crews on the Way To Kneeland for Female Injured on Rope Swing

At approximately 3:45 p.m. a 20-year-old female was reported to be injured after a fall from a rope swing near 705 Jack Shaw Road. According to scanner traffic about 3:50 p.m., the woman is “still in the creek hanging onto a rock.”

“She swang into a rock wall…Leg injury is all we know,” reports one responder.

UPDATE 4:13 p.m.: A helicopter is landing on the river bar now.



  • When I was 21 I fell off a rope swing down into a dry creek bed… landed on my head… about thirty feet… very, very, very out of it for nearly a day… people screaming weird questions to me at the ER….

    That was after going through a windshield when I was 16 and getting kicked in the head by my horse when I was 12….

    Hope this young lady is safe and all patched up and on the mend.

    • That rope swing goes right into a cliff face… eventually, giving the swinger plenty of time TO LET GO! I used to swim/swing tere all the time :/ First time in 22 years I’ve heard of anyone getting hurt there! C’mon just don’t be stupid! Seriously?!?

  • On a Ropes Course once and so scared I couldn’t let go of the rope. I could hear everyone below yelling to me to let go. I just couldn’t. I ended with horrible rope burns. I feel for you Young Miss and hope for you a quick recovery.

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