Homicide at Hammond Park in Eureka

Homicide Hammond Park 14th and F

Yellow evidence markers surround an item lying on the asphalt. [Photo by Oliver Cory]

A male was shot at Hammond Park on the basketball courts by 14th and F Streets in Eureka shortly after 10 p.m. on Saturday night.

“The patient has died, but we won’t confirm the person’s name or age until the coroner does their deal,” said Eureka Police Chief Andrew Mills.

Multiple witnesses reported hearing several gunshots. Acting-Sergeant Shawn Sopoaga of the Eureka Police Department confirmed 9-1-1 dispatch had received multiple calls to that effect.

“We got on scene and found the gentleman here who was laying on the ground consistent with having a gunshot wound,” said Sopoaga. “At this time we’re still investgating – trying to build what happened and get more suspect information.”

E Street was blocked from 14th Street to 15th Street in order for officers to investigate the scene. Officers interviewed witnesses at the park and have learned that more than one person left the scene of the crime.

Sopoaga said, “From some of the people around here, they said they saw a group of people running.”

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  • One set of teenagers setting up another set of teenagers,and that’s the truth it is on someone’s face book page.

  • just 3 blocks from where Casey Campbell was shot in the back 9 months ago. 9 months later another murder in same neighborhood… this is what happens when you let murderous backshooters run loose in our neighborhoods chief mills…

  • I heard this gunfire from a couple of blocks away at 10:04 pm last night. Recognizable as a mid-caliber semi-auto handgun, I think I heard 5-6 shots total. Knew it was something bad.

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  • Wow.im not shocked at all,just sad!!!sad that this keeps happening everyday.We used to live in a quiet sleepy lumber town,now it’s murder mayhem and drugs town.We need a kick ass no bullshit no ass kissing leader in a police chief.I don’t feel that with mills.just sayin.this is insanity

    • Yeah and when the pressure is turned up by the police the squeaky wheels start squealing. It is not always the police’s responsibility alone, we as a society have a responsibility to help….that is not happening in our outlaw “rules don’t apply to me” attitude. We want to “pick and chose” which laws we want enforced. We demand the cops get tough and clean up, then complain about about them being too tough. We complain they aren’t following the rules and then complain when they do and the out come is not what we want. Society has become less civilized and our demands to protect each other’s “rights” has over lapped those rights and made it impossible to satisfy anyone.

      The safety of the community is up to the community to act and take part in the community’s protection. If your ass gets kicked then don’t complain about it not getting kissed. We can complain that the cops aren’t doing their job but what about us.

      • their job is to solve crimes. if they can’t they need to consider another line of employment. truck drivers drive trucks, McDonalds employees make burgers, POLICE solve crimes. Backshooting murderers have been running around loose in that neighborhood since the “whodunnit mystery” that chief mills questioned was “justified or not” when he knew the victim was unarmed and shot in the back…Casey was by no means a model citizen , but was a human being and someone shot him in the back and their are still no arrests or suspects Identified…that sends a clear message to other would be shooters that if you kill someone the chief doesnt like he will not really try to hard to find the perps…

        • Parents have a responsibility to teach their kids manners, be responsible citizens, productive citizens while respecting rules. Haven’t seen s lot of that from local parents. Raising responsible citizens is a shared responsibility. You have children set a good example.

      • Doesn’t help when they release heroin or meth dealers without bail. How much damage do you think a pound of heroin does to our community. We need a shift in priorities.

  • Sad to hear of another homicide shooting in that area of town, when I lived in that neighborhood, the only commotion that could be heard after dark, was from the neighborhood residents rolling up their sidewalks.

  • This is what happens when you allow criminals and criminal homeless to run wild. Teenagers run wild, too. The example is set for the young: this is the wild west. Where is the block party-celebrating “neighborhood watch?” Too busy watching Netflix that time of night. The city administration sleeps, the neighbors snooze or ignore, the Dream Police cruise through McDonald’s drive thru …

  • Too bad this happened in a seemingly quiet part of town. Been noticing this park has become a magnet this summer for a pick-up zone for some kind of drug deals -probably something to smoke. Just saw a big messy White Tundra truck with a disabled sticker pull to the curb by the basketball courts last Thursday late afternoon. A young man and girl in their 20’s were hiding their heads down from me and the 30ish female driver jumped out, not handicapped, and went to the area of the bench table to purchase something. The back of the truck was filled with just random stuff too: set of 4 tires on top of the load and many duffle bags of belongings or whatever. Looked like a real slop lot of people one normally does not see around this neighborhood. Brick & Fire is a welcome relief while I am walking down F Street. Why does E Street have so much trouble when I see plenty of EPD out driving? I really just started seeing a decline this late August at Hammond Park for drug deals and white trash folks, new Graffiti popping up everywhere. *Also drug related = I don’t know what reason some black guy needs to park at F and Humboldt to get something small out of his car trunk and pocket it to walk away towards the Eureka High School area with at 1am either. Just want to win back this town from petty criminals and keep it safe for those who Walk a Lot for their health and to Caregive assist to the elderly. Hearing gunshots is becoming a real common problem along E Street. Could we consider Cops Who Walk the Beat?

  • I often play tennis there and their are truly some sketchy characters that hang about. There is an actively used playground there that many parents bring their children but there are also open drug sales going on by the ball courts and nearby benches. I’ vs always thought having cops on bikes to kind of cruising through neighborhoods touching base with locals using spaces like this would help move the losers on but in 10+ years I’ve never seen a cop there. I realize their is a shortage of officers but without true community policing and enforcement of city codes and showing a real and active presence I fear little will change.

  • I worked over in that area for a while a few years back and it was pretty sketchy then.

  • Eureka needs to focus on the Gentrification of their town if they ever want to see statistics turned around.
    Being poor has it’s problems but the biggest problem is that being poor is a mentality that’s contagious. It’s generational and Eureka is seeing that first hand.
    You need a wealthy mentality if you want positive growth and public safety. Focus on Gentrification and flush all your poor problems down the road.
    It can be done, you can fix your town by replacing the way you think with people who think correctly.

  • Back in the old west,you stole a horse,they hung your ass.No messing around !!so sorry to the family who lost a loved one.God bless you

  • Highland Park near Ft. Humboldt has the same problems, people living in the park in the baseball dugouts, seemingly selling things. People walk up, they each hand something over, and the one leaves…There was even a hooker looking woman got dropped off by a car there, stayed 3 minutes, about an hour later was standing on the corner of 4th and M St.s…Abandoned cars in the neighborhood stay for months, they finally towed one from the side of the park that had been sitting there 4 months, no tickets on it, multiple calls about it to EPD. I Guess EPD is too busy to deal with Homeless selling drugs in parks while the kids playing watch, and the Parks and Rec must be too busy to clean up the needles left all over the park…

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