Investigation Continues Into Officer Involved Shooting


Crime scene tape marks the spot where law enforcement says a suspect was killed in shootout with a Hoopa Tribal Police officer. [Photo Courtesy of North Coast News.]

Last night’s officer involved shooting began when a suspect shot another man in the leg around 7:30 p.m. and stole his motorcycle in front of the Ray’s Food Place in downtown Hoopa, reports the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. A tribal police officer spotted the motorcycle being driven by a man and began pursuit. According to Lt. Wayne Hanson, the suspect headed north on Hwy 96 with the officer following.

“The officer is “cross-deputized by the Sheriff’s Office,” Hanson explained and can pursue anywhere in Humboldt County. In any case, because of what Hanson characterized as a “fresh pursuit” of a suspect in an “attempted homicide,” the officer was justified in following the suspect out of tribal lands.

Just north of the intersection of 96 and 169, the motorcyclist crashed.

Around 8:30 p.m., the suspect began firing at the officer. “The officer’s vehicle was struck multiple times,” Hanson said. “In self-defense, the officer fired back.” As a result of the gunfire exchange, the suspect was killed.

The names of the officer and the suspect cannot be released at this time as the coroner is still on the scene. The Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) consisting of the District Attorney’s Office, the Sheriff’s Office, and officers from Humboldt State University, Fortuna and Eureka, are investigating the shooting.

The original victim is currently in the hospital.

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  • I thought the Tribal Police there “cross-deputization” agreement expired?

    • Kimberly Springer'Pitcher

      First of all the deceased did not or try to steal the motorcycle !!! Nor was the victim a victim at all.this so called victim stole my kids car than the deceased stole the car from a drug house . The victim took off on a stolen motorcycle in pursuit of the car he originally stole. They exchanged gun fire ( both perps) the victim was struck by perp than the deceased grabbed motorcycle n fled the scene . Later crashing n being shot to death . He shouldn’t of shot at cops but ppl do not believe that Lincoln is a victim at all . I’m glad the deceased shot lincoln But if he’s let out of hospital , than as a community u all will continue to victimize The community . Do we want more death or do we want him also off the streets as well ??? I’m the mother of the actual victim who is my daughter not the hospitalized jerk

  • Wow an officer involved shooting in Humboldt where the victim actually had a gun! And was shooting! And only one officer opening fire instead of four at once. The epd can take a lesson from this- shoot to kill when you’re being shot at and not any other time.

  • I wonder if the perp who was shot is the same one who was stealing motorcycles earlier this year?

    • Many items are stolen daily to trade for drugs same bike already stolen, could be, both parties knew each other also hang out with others all caught up in same world of drugs… Horrific problem nation wide really bad here too, everyone will be affected.

  • that’s pretty cool adventure story for some tv show, wrecked bike and opens fire on the cop-

    where do these people get their ideas? do they wake up one morning and decide to do these things?

    glad that people weren’t hurt, but if jerry brown had simply given this guy a motorcycle this story wouldn’t be written.

    maybe criminals should just be given free stuff so they don’t steal from people that work?

    • Maybe if we just nixed money altogether we’d stop having criminals at all.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      So I guess Gov. Brown is your fail-safe scapegoat for whenever you are angry. Did not see that coming.

      • Remember when we blamed everything on Arnold Schwarzenegger?

        • who blamed everything on Grey Davis.

          • I have a feeling that things are so bad, Trump might be our ” Schwarzennegger” of Presidents.
            I am not sure if we are not in the same funk nationwide California was under Grey. And yes, I know energy price manipulation had a lot to do with Grey’s demise.
            But Brown seems to be just treading water, other than tech jobs things are stagnate and somewhat grim.

  • remember when Gov. Jerry Brown had singer Linda Ronstadt as his girlfriend / beard. And lived in a minor 2 bedroom Sacramento. Very saintly and queer of him, and he won the election. Turned out to be a terrible Gov. Now he was voted in again, how people soon forget. This time thought He married his 5 years his senior women secretary. His first marriage at 72 years. He is really married to his long time body man, Bald Jim. They have been together for over 30 years. If he only ran the state like he runs his sexual relationships.

    • That’s funny because as I remember it we were doing pretty good under Jerry Brown the first time he was Governor and we’re doing a lot better with him as governor this time too when you consider how we were doing when he was elected. We have a more or less balanced Budget and he’s even managed to set some money aside in a rainy day fund, something the Republicans were never able to do. For one thing we’re back to being the #8 Economy in the world instead of slipping back to #9 like we were before he was elected. Do I like everything he’s done? No, I don’t but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t done a good job overall, I do get a good laugh whenever someone claims he’s some kind of Liberal tho. lol

  • Vote Trump “HE’LL ELIMINATE THE MIDDLE MAN!” (“I SAY,” That’s a joke son)

  • All I’m saying is stranger things have happened. I think Brown, after being defeated vowed to never support out right hippie types and pot for certain as he blames them for ruining the Brown family legacy. A legacy started before the Bush or Clinton legacy. I can’t even remember the two or more Republican Governor’s that came after him,.. A Pete and someone else after that.

  • Kym,

    Are there any pictures of the Tribal Police vehicle that was supposedly shot? Is there proof that the contract between the Sherriff’s department and the Hoopa Tribal police was renewed? I know this is an old story to many, but to some of us it’s something (the pain) we deal with daily…There are so many questions… I haven’t seen an article that gives the names of the officers that shot and killed Richie, is there one?

  • Still waiting for the incident report, but knowing Officer Ruiz and Richie Kelley, I can tell you that this vitriol is premature and needs to be toned down. By all accounts, neither young man was psychologically sound, yet both have families who are in unimaginable pain over this. Maybe the Monday morning quarterbacks could wait until the facts are made public before throwing either of them under the proverbial bus.

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