[UPDATE 12:37 a.m. Victim Is Deceased] Gunshot Victim at 14th and F in Eureka

Sounds of gunshots alerted Eureka residents tonight about 10 p.m. to the scene of a crime. Scanner traffic indicates that an unknown age male was critically injured near the corner of 14th and F near the basketball courts.

According to a Eureka Police officer heard over the scanner, the victim is unresponsive. Medical is on scene. Officers are investigating.

UPDATE 10:22 p.m.: Eureka Police Department is blocking 14th Street at E and F Streets. “Cordoning off the entire playground,” says one officer.

UPDATE 10:25 p.m.: According to our reporter Oliver Cory, he witnessed medical “trying to perform CPR” and heard “witnesses say they saw somebody running from the scene.”

We should have photos soon.

UPDATE 10:50 p.m.: 14th Street is blocked at E Street E Street is blocked at 14th Street.

Medical personnel move the victim to an ambulance.

Medical personnel move the victim to an ambulance.

Medical personnel attempt CPR on the victim before placing him in an ambulance.

Medical personnel perform CPR on the victim before placing him in an ambulance.

An officer blocks off the perimeter of Hammond Park in Eureka.

An officer blocks off the perimeter of Hammond Park in Eureka.

UPDATE 12:37 a.m.: Chief Andrew Mills of the Eureka Police Department has confirmed that the victim of tonight’s homicide is deceased. With yesterday’s officer involved shooting, that makes nine homicides so far this year. If we keep up at this rate, we’ll have twelve this year which would be higher than average (we run around 8.5 per year according to this article) but still much less than last year’s record high of 16.

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  • Looks bad. How can we roll our times back to a simpler and less violent time.

    • the misadventures of bunjee

      Live for the future and not pull a gun over every little slight. Be adults and learn how ignore the trash talking like our parents kept hammering into us years ago. Example; 30 years ago if you had a problem with someone, you might have shouted, throw a few punches and that was it. A bar fight at best. Now people lose their cool and feel the need to blow someone away over being called a bad name.

    • That is why my family and I moved from this town. It is getting really bad.

  • The population of the United States has more than doubled in my lifetime. The population of California has more than tripled in my lifetime. The ethics of authorities in both public and private sectors have tanked in my lifetime. The quality of education has tanked in my lifetime. The quality of medical care has tanked in my lifetime. The quality of Western Civilization has tanked in my lifetime… despite my rarely quiescent and extra-colorful protesting.

    Our economy is entirely too much like the third world too.

    The pressures created by these factors have impacted the more rural areas more even than the cities, I think, and when you add in the fact that it serves the corrupt to keep these pressures this high… especially in the areas they want to exploit… well… well, yer heart is bound to keep dropping into your stomach every time you look at the news.

  • I live near there. I take my kids to that park frequently. The port-a-potty there is a drug use destination; have found burnt tin foil in there, have knocked on the door so my kid could pee and hear or see multiple individuals inside. Or someone waiting outside for me to leave so they could join in. I used to hear shots from there at night but it seemed to have calmed down this year. It is not far from another of Eureka’s unsolved murfers.

    • anybody who sees regular drug related activity can call the problem oriented police unit and report they have this unit just for this kind of crime.

  • Agh. Murders. Touch screen won’t let me scroll within the text box. It scrolls the whole screen. Anyway. I think it was 15th and Williams, last winter, which is just a few blocks west. I am often wrong tho.

  • Rest in peace.

  • Use a weapon in a crime, do more time.
    Use a weapon in self defense, save more time.

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  • I live right across the street from the scene and saw a good part of it. The people ran from the park into my apartment car port and were screaming to call 911, I did and the dispatcher said the cops would be there quickly. It took the cops about fifteen minutes to get there and I called 911 again because some lady was screaming that the man was unresponsive and he’s not breathing and the dispatcher gave me attitude and I told her “this guy is unresponsive and I know that the police shouldn’t be taking this long for a shooting”. The dispatcher stated “you’re going to have to wait” then she put me on hold right after. The police weren’t rushing to the scene, didn’t even have their sirens on. The cops took their time getting to the victim, by that time I think it was already too late. It’s really sad, if the cops had actually been rushing to get there, maybe this guy would be alive.

  • My bedroom window is on the ground floor in the alley between D and E near the playground. About 10ish my bf heard a gunshot and then we heard what sounded like 2 voices run right by the window. This was equ-distant between last year’s Williams incident and last night’s murder. I have heard quite a bit of activity in the alley while living here, but over the last 6 months more than ever in the whole last 3 years. Scary. I grew up in Venice Beach, and things were pretty hard around there, but this feels too close for comfort.

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  • I heard gunshots last night as well and I live over next to the entrance to the Sequoia park redwood trail on Hodgeson…its very tragic that we all seem to settle our differences with extreme violence . little did I know that someone was about to lose his life.

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