Cannabis Grower Meeting at the Mattole Grange

On September 13, from 4-7:30 p.m.. a cannabis farmers’ town hall meeting will be held at the Mattole Grange. Growers are invited to gather together, enjoy BBQ and meet Rex Bohn, Humboldt County Supervisor, Praj White from Manhard Consulting, Malcom Morrison, Luke Bruner from California Cannabis Voice and Matt Cumin, attorney.

Everyone is welcome, explains Patrick Andrews one of the organizers. “Come and learn about issues surrounding cannabis farming–everything from environmental issues to becoming 215 compliant.” Andrews says, “We want to get the farmers from the hills to understand there are some changes that need to take place so we don’t get left behind in this thing.”

Flyer for the meeting below:




  • “Come and learn”? The arrogance of these people seems boundless. They are the grasping hand & greedy face of the “cannabis industry”.
    This is a benign & beneficial plant that is easy to grow and EVERYONE who needs or wants it should be able to grow it, outdoors in the sun. Keep your regulation off creation.

    • If in fact this is the “grasping hand of the cannabis industry” why would they want to help people learn about the legal industry? It seems to me if they were the “grasping hand…” as you say wouldn’t they want to keep people in the dark? That way there was less competition not more?

      But Im glad you are already are up to speed on the issues and have been able to formulate your choice on good educated reason and simply not knee jerk reaction.

      • If you were truly “old school” you would understand what I wrote. Cannabis is not an “industry” and the more the industrial model is promoted the worse it gets.

        • It is a cottage industry, so yes, it’s an industry.

        • I have been her for 30 years on the same pice of land that I bought with my own money at 18. I have seen the best and the worst of this thing of ours 3 decades. I have been through CAMP and the legal system. But truly I don’t have to explain that, it makes no difference. I understand your feelings and I respects them. I am worried about the outcome of regulation, but I know if I sit idylly by and let it happen with out getting educated and gaining a foot hold I will get left in the dust. There is clear line in the sand. But I do respect you and your values. I guess for me its if you can beat em join em and try to change em!

        • “….cannabis is not an industry….” Unfortunately that is incorrect. It is very much an industry and although I long for the salad days as much as you do veteransfriend they will never be again. I understand that a regulated and taxed market is not for everyone and I respect that. Those folks that wish to remain outside of a regulated framework should just keep on doing what they are now. There is a demand for cannabis produced out side of regulatory framework in every state with some type of regulated cannabis. Its no different than your doing right now, so whats the problem then if there are people who want to produce inside of a regulated system? That being said, its coming and people will have to make a choice which way to go. From the looks of things you have chosen your path and I have chosen mine. Respect and good luck my friend.

    • Yea man! I agree. Regulation is not legalization. Free up the herb!

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Sorry that you feel this terrible way. There is nothing wrong and everything good about people in the industry getting together to learn the best way to do everything. Homegrowers will be allowed ample leeway for home production subject to common sense, like having your plants right up against the playground fence. P215 small growers are free right now. Just like wine and beer, you can brew your own or buy it. You will not be forced to buy from the industry.

      Your harsh and bitter attitude gives a very poor example of what cannabis people should be. Are you smokin’ the G-13? Seems like it. Only strain ever that I strongly detest. Sad to say that cannabis is not working for you. Maybe you need one of the modern, harsh pharmaceuticals with all the warnings about becoming homicidal or suicidal. Best of luck to you.

      • I am SO not bitter. I just think the industrial model is stupid & based on greed. I think if cannabis was treated like what it is, a benign & beneficial PLANT, we could all go home, grow some for ourselves & our friends, and elect a decent president.

    • I agree with you, but I think regulation is just something we’re going to have to accept.

  • Malcolm Morrison is speaking at the community meeting. Should be very educational. Can’t wait to meet up w/ my 1st friend from Humboldt County back in 1992. Still remember picking you up in our VW bus on the 299. You were coming back from the Phish shows. Those were the days! Hope all is well. Malcolm has been a pioneer in the industry for the last 20 years. I highly recommend people attend this meeting. 😃

  • River runs through it

    There are some strong and smart women behind this movement and event. Props to my sisters representing, educating and keeping it real. Go team! Would love to see more watershed meetings!

    • That there is! The ladies have gone above and beyond to get this meeting off the ground. Although its billed as a meeting I think its more of symposium. They brought in some pretty heavy weight key note speakers!

      I like the individual watershed movements. I feel as though this is how we make it. I think its going to be very difficult to permit a one acre farm in the hills. But by using the small farm model of 10k sqft, I think we can get a lot of people’s land into compliance and their farms permitted for that tier. Then if those farms in that watershed or even region come together as an ag co op each of those can brand itself to the wholesaler.

      See you all at the Grange on Sunday!

  • What is the address for the Mattole Grange?

  • Luke is a snake in the grass who needs to be blackballed from ge community, total misrepresentation for an entire region

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