Two Properties Raided Yesterday in Salmon Creek

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On September 03, 2015, the Humboldt County Drug Task Force served a Humboldt County Superior Court Search Warrant at 4100 block of Lower Thomas Road, Miranda, California. Agents contacted the owner of the property, Graham Borst (Age 38). During a search of the property, agents located approximately 30 pounds of processed marijuana bud packaged for sales, approximately one pound of concentrated cannabis, approximately 164 growing marijuana plants, and a butane extraction lab.

Borst was arrested for possession of marijuana for sales and for possession of controlled substance laboratory equipment. Borst was booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility and his bail was set at $500,000.00.

Agents served a second search warrant in the 4500 block of Lower Thomas Road, in Miranda. Agents contacted four immigrant workers at the location, who were detained and subsequently released. Agents located approximately 4,969 growing marijuana plants growing inside of 13 greenhouses on the property, 850 cloned marijuana plants and paperwork indicating the identities of the owners of the property. This case is ongoing and arrests are anticipated in the future.

Anyone with information for the Humboldt County Drug Task Force Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Humboldt County Drug Task Force Office at 707-444-8095.

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  • WAIT… the dude had 30 pounds of processed, 164 growing plants, and a butane lab and his bail is half a million dollars? Meanwhile, the heroin kingpins of fortuna that had 1 pound of heroin (Which to my knowledge is a lot) and 160k in cash got booked and released?? What’s wrong with this place!

    • Some one is possibly afraid of the cartels.

    • Exactly what I thought reading this!!!
      Maybe the guy had some things they wanted for auctions. I personally would rather they saved the cost of busting that dude and put it into some serious police work of immediately locating the folks with 5,000 plants. My guess is those folks are long gone by now.
      &the release of H dealers while this guys in jail is so crazy!
      I know a few folks who’ve been in&outta rehab for H over the past few years. It’s sad&expensive on many personal and societal levels. Maybe if it wasnt so readily available folks would be able to stay off it.

      • Dude had a bho hash lab. It’s considered the same offense as a meth lab. The herion dealers are on the loose thanks to prop 47. Its the wild west on the streets.Reminds me of the Crack epidemic In the 90s

    • Yes I thought the exact same thing. How is this possible. I mean I know the extraction is a heavy charge on par with cooking meth but that is a travesty. I mean 160 plants and 30lbs of processed and probably what amounted to this poor guy making a little shatter and what appears to be no enviro charges and he gets slapped with a $500k bail. Meanwhile two know heroin dealers who are subject of a long term ongoing investigation walk on OR to either flee or get back to business as usual poisoning our community. Something is very very wrong here. How can any rational thinking judge let this fly. Truly this is a mockery of the justice system.

      This needs to stop now. It obvious that Sheriff Downey has once again put cannabis farms at the top of the list for resource expenditure. This is exactly why we need a real cultivation ordinance now. We need to get farms in compliance and stop this madness.

    • Lawmakers made pot a scheduled 1 and heroin is a scheduled 2 go figure that one

    • Lower Thomas Road used to be a really nice area of the Salmon Creek Community, until the Greed for Weed brought these land owners into the neighborhood! Industrial Grows are hard on everyone and everything……. Looking at Google Earth of this area made my jaw drop! Used to visit friends here when the Mom and Pop farms were the norm, those were the days indeed……….

  • I’m surprised again. They spent all day and only hit those 2 spots? There are another half-dozen of the same size or bigger on that same road. What’s up with that? Why those 2? And why stop there? Are they again spending all their time processing evidence for charges that will be dropped later anyways? This sheriff’s department’s inefficiency is good news for all growers!

  • The real question is what were they going to do w/ the chicken shit? Those plants look pretty far along in the flowering process.

  • What a waste of time! One out of thousands and they think it should be in the paper. This war on drugs is a joke and that guy is probably a cool dude going to prison over a plant that heals shame on the police and task force who did this his life is probably ruined now. He was doing something he loved and getting payed for it you haters!

  • What about the release of the immigrant workers? I’m pretty tired of California being a sanctuary state. If these people are here illegally, you don’t just release them, you deport them! You already know that they’re criminals! If you’re just gonna release them, then you’re just broadcasting to the world that there’s zero consequences for illegals to come to Humboldt to grow weed!

  • The same area was raided last year for the same type of mega-grows and they are back at it again. The Sheriff needs to be out there every week until it is understood that this type of environmental destruction will not be tolerated. The water alone, that is critical for salmon, and other species is being stolen for greed and this should be a long custody sentence until the message is received. There needs to be a reckoning on these out of control greed-sters that are the problem. The Sheriff needs to stay on this and finish the job. Also bringing in illegals should be a major crime as well. People are sick of this county ruining behavior.

  • yea yea yea and no matter how much cows drink its all good , pot brings in more money than anything short of printing it why let the chiva dealers go oh because who they know

    • Seriously, I took my bimonthly drive to Fortuna today and all along the 101 I saw pastures with sprinklers just raging for cattle. And I’m betting those were once whole forests. That particular industry is worse for the environment than most any other. Just ask an Amazonian.

  • Thats it I’m just going to claim I’m an illegal if they show up.

  • Great idea, play the “No habla-englise” and “me work for el-patron” and where is “thee cervesa” routine and you might get released. Pathetic open borders B.S. is as bad as the greed-growers in Salmon Creek. All of them need to leave as people have had more than enough. A big winter will help and the Sheriff and the crew needs to hit all of the big multi green house growers in that area.

  • This is terrible. Something similar happened to my husband last week. He is being held with 500,000 bail. The same as some murders. Does anyone know any outcomes in Del Norte County for BHO labs?? Any insight or advice would be much appreciated! 🙂

  • Does anybody wonder why No charges of yet the mega grows up on island mountain few months back ? Now the police let heroin dealers with a pd of it get released ? Wtf is going on I think the feds should be taking a good look at what is and is not going on around here hi kim your paper is way better the the lost cause outpost

  • Every case will be based on the circumstances of that case. The real case is people have had enough. People want the Sheriff to get busy and do what needs to be done against the greed growers.

    • Not all growers are greed growers. There are some people out there that actually do is solely for the purpose of helping people. Unfortunately there really is no way of telling the difference.

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