Trinity County Land Owners Affected by Fire Can Get Help Removing Hazardous Waste Removal

Trinity pines2

Trinity Pines after the fire swept through. [Photo provided by a reader.]

Press release provided by Trinity County:

As a service to property owners impacted by the recent fires, Trinity County requested the CalRecycle and California Department of Toxic Substances Control (“DTSC”) begin the first phase of the Household Hazardous Wastes (“HHW”) removal process. The DTSC will work with any property owners who have opted to allow this work.

To initiate the effort, property owners are requested to contact the County immediately to express their interest and sign an access agreement allowing DTSC to remove HHW. DTSC to begin as soon as possible. As such, please immediately contact Kristalynne Anderson at (530) 623-1459 or by email at to express interest and begin the enrollment process.

State workers will remove HHW only from burned properties in the impacted areas of Fork, South, Route, Mad River and River Complex Fires and the Democrat Fire. This effort is being conducted free of charge to protect the health of residents, clean-up crews and the environment.

Household hazardous waste must be handled separately from other burn debris and cannot be brought to local landfills. Residents are strongly urged to leave all HHW in place and are encouraged to not remove any HHW or damaged containers from their properties. HHW includes unused or leftover portions of products used in your home that contain toxic chemicals. Products labeled Caution, Warning, Danger, Poison, Toxic, Flammable, or Corrosive are considered hazardous.

Examples of Household Hazardous Wastes to be removed are:




Auto Batteries

Auto Fluids

Used Oil and Oil Filters

Household Cleaners



Latex / Oil-Based Paint

Pool Chemicals

Propane Tanks (less than 30 gallon)



  • They CAN and SHOULD get their property taxes LOWERED!

    Government claims we pay them for services, but they failed, so get them lowered and take food from the government families, because slackers don’t deserve a paycheck at YOUR expense! Let them eat cake…

    Simply grab mls of properties that are comparable that sold for LESS and screw the machine. They WILL fight you, but some paper work and you’ll win- ’cause they HAVE to.

    People should form VOLUNTEER fire departments that aren’t government regulated! Off grid and tell them to stick it, because they fail.

    Stay strong and wait for Jesus to toss the mark of the beast uniform people into the lake of fire for their works! ANYONE wearing a uniform is going to hell. The Bible is great, because WE win and they lose, just wait the passage of time!

    • Needs Stronger Meds

      Whoa bro! Didn’t medicate? The stab at Bruce Jenner at the end of your rant? For someone who doesn’t seem to want to conform, you should be stoked Jenner is being him/herself. He’s risking a lot by doing what his doing. Oh wait, you through the “jesus” and the “bible” thing in there. Your picture should be on the Fruit Loops box.
      Anyone can start and operate a volunteer fire company. It’s not a department, but a private company. Give it a try.

  • I have to say in places like Trinity Pines bringing back the old bucket brigade would be a good idea.As the volunteer departments have became over regulated by the government.And requirements created to reduce liabilities on the part of insurance companies have made the training requirements ridiculous.

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