Day 37: Lightning Fires


Scientist Evaluating Mad River Complex Burned Soil. [Photo from InciWeb]

Most of the lightning fires are now contained or coming into containment—just in time for traditional fire season to start. Historically, California experienced its largest fires in September and October.

We’ll continue to keep following the burning fires here and letting you know if something important happens. As we do, we’ll note the time the facts were posted so you can quickly see if there is something new. Look for the most recent general updates on the bottom but new information for individual fires is posted in the summaries below in blue.  (Newest maps of the fires here.) Those that have expanded 20% or more will have their acreage in red bold type. 

Note: Many fires are updating less frequently and less thoroughly. We’ve notated when the last update occurred.

  • Fork Complex (Trinty Pines and north to Hayfork): (Current as of 7:11 p.m. on August 30.) 36,499 acres burned and 97% contained. Structures Destroyed: Residences 8, other buildings 4, Firefighter injuries to date: 12, Total Personnel:269. “Fire behavior is expected to continue to be minimal as containment continues to be successful.” (More info here.) Fire Information Line: 530-628-0093
  • Gasquet Fire: (Current as of 7 a.m.)  28,614 acres burned and 45% containment. Total Personnel: 727. Fire activity will remain low to moderate intensity.”  Bear Fire – 10,666 acres, 43% containment.  Peak Fire – 11,366 acres 7% containment Feeder Fire – 898 acres 100% containment.Coon Fire 5,684 acres 100Containment (More info here.) Estimated containment date: Thursday October 15th, 2015 approx. 12:00 AM
  • Nickowitz Fire (northern Humboldt/southern Del Norte):(Current as of 2:40 p.m.) 6,881 acres and 70% contained. Total Personnel: 57.Fire activity will be minimal until further drying occurs.”  (More info here) Phone: 530-627-3246. Estimated Containment Date:Tuesday September 15th.
  • River Complex:(Current as of 7:40 a.m.) 71,132 acres burned and 52% contained. Total Personnel: 333. “Below normal temperatures will persist through Saturday as an upper low moves through northwest California. (More info here.) Telephone number for the public information officer 530-276-8559. Estimated containment: October 01st, 2015.
  • South Complex (north and west of Hyampom):(Current as of 9:28 p.m. September 329,385 acres burned and 89% containment. Personnel: 348. “The northeast corner of the Pattison fire may continue to roll out. The rate of spread is expected to be very low.” (More info here)


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