18-year-old Suspect Driver Identified in Tuesday’s Fatal Pedestrian Collision

The following press release from the California Highway Patrol:


The California Highway Patrol (CHP) Humboldt Area has identified the driver of the grey 2007 Chevy Tahoe that was involved in this traffic collision.  The suspect is Carley Kathryn Palsson; DOB 10/10/1996.  She is approximately 5’ 3”, 120lbs, brown hair and blue eyes.  She is known to reside out of the Mckinleyville and Miranda areas.  The Humboldt Area CHP holds a signed Arrest Warrant for Palsson on the charges of Vehicular Manslaughter and Felony Hit and Run.  If anyone has any information that may lead authorities to the capture of Palsson please call the Humboldt CHP Office at (707)822-5981 during business hours or the Humboldt Communications Center at (707)268-2000 after business hours.

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  • concerned neighbor

    Prayers for the man she hit and killed and prayers for this young woman who is a product of her environment. She will hopefully take responsibility for her actions and god will have mercy. Anyone who knows this young lady and family, knows she’s a sweet kid but as mentioned before is a product of environment and has not been guided or raised In a positive way. Never taught right from wrong.

    • So true thanks I wish you where a neighbor of mine ..concerned

    • And I just found out I went to school with ken how sad this is the fight. They really are both a product of the environment here ,The drugs in Rohnerville need to STOP …And as someone who knows you Ken you would not hurt a fly R.I.P. my friend …Rohnerville is a part of Fortuna the P.D. like to drive by…..

    • Wait isn’t that how all the girls are raised in Miranda?

  • If you take a look at her Facebook page she indicates that she is turning herself in at 4:30pm.

    • Starting Off On The Wrong Foot

      I just can’t wrap my head around someone facecracking at a time like this. I read somewhere she posted pictures of the wrecked vehicle. Really? I’m guessing it took 3 days to turn herself in because she needed to get paid from her trim job or had pounds to sell or something along those lines. Probably also drunk and needed to get that out of her system. I don’t buy the story about being scared and thats why she ran. I call bullshit. She was up to something. Why 3 days? Too bad waiting 3 days wont get her in anymore trouble. Accidents happen. When they do, the best thing is deal with it right then and there. If you run, it makes you look guilty.

  • Cell Phone , check her call history

  • Strange, she already has a mug shot. This is really going to screw up her labor day weekend.

    Maybe the fellow jumped in front of her and she tried to miss him and failed. He had some strange history of not fearing cars from what I read earlier. At any rate, it’s tragic.

    Rest in peace “River Bar Jesus”

  • concerned neighbor

    I stand corrected, apparently she is planning to turn herself in. That’s the right thing to do, she does know

  • She looks like a Romanian tennis player.

  • may i ask y’all, does the name robert chase sound like someone who would be associated with this woman?

  • If she has turned herself in, like several of you in the comments are saying, then why isn’t this updated? Kym is on top of it. I’m sure if she has actually turned herself in this page would say so.

  • I also would like to know if she turned herself in as suggested earlier. This story could probably use a follow up as to whether she has or not, since a few days have passed since the incident.

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