“Stay Off Your Phone,” Says Fortuna Police

The cut that severed the umbilical cord connecting Mendocino and Humboldt Counties to the internet and phone service is still not fixed. Now, the Fortuna Police Department is asking everyone to stay off their phones unless they have an emergency.



  • Yeppers! Will do 🙂

  • Who cut it — where did it get cut — why was it cut ?

  • Who @ where & why was it cut ?

  • how does a fiberoptic cable effect our cell phone service? i dunno, but its kinda odd since they run off towers on mountain tops…landline i can see, cell phones i cant

  • Gazzoo, your cell call is picked up by the tower, which transmits it to the cable. it’s only in the air, as it were, for a brief moment. So once the call connects to the cell tower, it becomes a ground line call. So a break in the cable affects your ability to receive cell service.

  • Heck, must be near us! The southern cable (there’s a second on 299) runs out near Bell Springs Rd – someone was doing cat work probably…..happened before, will happen again….

  • They probably have too many drug dealing dope growers lining up their sales to kids across the country. Please stay off lol

  • What on warth are we paying these clowns.for? Will there be some.refunds ?
    I want my damn money back!

  • What’s weird is my phone works perfectly from the big hill before loleta all the way to the main street exit to.Fortuna ..then my phone is dead again .no service ..not in eureka or Fortuna ..but loleta and palmers it works fine ..what’s the deal with that ..those are the places it usually gets the least service..and now those are the only places it works …

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