Convoy Heading Into Salmon Creek

marijuana in the sunAn 11 car convoy was seen headed up Salmon Creek Road about 7:15 a.m. The convoy had a woodchipper. We’ll be updating with new information as it comes in.

UPDATE 8:10 a.m.: Law enforcement has gone to a place(s) on Lower Thomas Road.

UPDATE 1:41 p.m.:


Photo from a reader shows law enforcement near the site of the original eradication. 

Law enforcement has now left that property and have moved to one in the area known as New York Hill as the Early Ranch.



  • Hope they are mega grows and not mom n pop. Anyone can survive with a 16×40 ft greenhouse . These mega grows are a joke .

  • This has to end. Enough is enough. The future of cannabis farming in this county lies in a regulated industry. I know that people are concerned about how that will shake out and who will be in and who will be out so to speak and I am too. But enough of wasted resources on eradication. We need to voluntarily come into land use and code compliance. We need to play ball with the NCRWB and get our water use permitted and structured to the size of our farms. We need to have a clear and concise LOCAL cultivation ordinance in place BEFORE the State mandates go into effect. This way we can stop the raids, and protect our small farms. Now is the time folks, we must come together and help to educate ourselves and figure out a plan to move forward as one. Now more that ever!!!! By increasing our level of education as a group and reaching out to our neighbors, friends and colleagues and helping to educate those that need it, we can prevail.

    • The irony is that after the 1 acre permits are issued we will see even more eradication for a few years. Yes, the permits will pay fees for regulation( police action) and those not in compliance will be attacked. The point of the state “regulation” now is to knock out the “black” market with all of it’s scary characters (my friends?) while routing the money through a myriad of agencies. I won’t be scared into supporting an ordinance that I know spells economic death for the most conscientious of my neighbors. I’ve never given the bastards an inch and I’m not starting now! But yeah- fish first. Get your water trip together, people.

      • Unfortunately your correct. The black market will continue and people will get raided. Each of us has a choice to make now. There exists a line in the sand. I have fought the good fight for thirty years now and Im tired. I believe in individual liberty and I wish we lived in a society and a business culture where we could police ourselves. But other industries have proven that good ol’ American thirst for wealth takes over and best practices go out the window in lieu of profits. So although in a perfect we could regulate ourselves and be responsible its sadly not the case. I urge people to make steps to get on the legal side of things now, in the infancy of the legal framework in order to prolong their involvement. That being said I have the utmost respect for the “not giving an inch” attitude you are promoting, for that is truly the Humboldt County Spirit!

    • Yes!!!! I was raised on SoHum and I want the quality of life back…! Make enough money to live simply and pursue relationships and spiritual growth!!!!!

    • end the chemtrailing and gmo food and all other bullcrap first pal

  • New York Hill? How close is that to Boob Butte? Sorry, it was a name given a local landmark based on, of course, it’s shape.
    Probably it is not a name in use currently.

  • sea lion noises !

  • its unfortunate that most have become greedy, shame on the locals for allowing this to happen.
    my last trip to the property I was greeted by “”cartel types” wake up people!

  • Mom and pop are folks that dont have twenty 100 ft greenhouses bud!

    • OK I agree but I hear mom and pop and want to know what mom and pop is 5, 10,20, plants what is the acceptable number to be mom n pop

      • Mom and Pop was a term that was coined up here when the Sheriff was trying to make a distinction between sizes of grows. I think it was Downey or maybe Hanson said something to the effect of “we are not out to bust Mom and Pop grows….”. There in no true definition of exactly what the number of plants is. It is meant to classify folks that were living in the hills raising their kids etc, and growing enough plants to get by and live off of as opposed to commercial growers. At least in his eyes at the time. As far as it goes if you have ask if your mom and pop your probably not.

  • Um anyone else miss the $10k closet grows back in the day?!? Yea lets bring THAT back or just legalize it huh? Fu** this “gotta grow a feild to make anything & still get busted” sh*t!

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