Man Injured in Traffic Collision Last Night Shows Up in Stafford Bleeding

chpstarA spokesperson for the Garberville California Highway Patrol told us that the injured man sought by them walked into Stafford today with “pretty critical injuries.” This morning we told you that the CHP was using cell phone towers to attempt to locate a man missing since yesterday evening when he had a traffic accident. The man was able to call his girlfriend and tell her he was somewhere in a creek bed near Miranda. Unable to locate the man last night, the plan was to send aircraft up this morning to find the traffic collision.

However, at 7:34 a.m. the man and his dog were found walking on the roadside. The man was bleeding from his head. He was taken to Redwood Memorial Hospital. The CHP spokesperson said that an officer interviewed the man but the man could not recall where the accident occurred.

The man reported he had been driving an 87 tan Toyota pickup somewhere between Miranda and Pepperwood when he had the accident.

The CHP spokesperson said that a helicopter had flown the area looking for the vehicle but hadn’t located it.



  • I have to assume the search included highway 254 (ave. of the Giants). Creeks are easy to locate.

  • And did they find the vehicle? Bleeding from the head, he probably didn’t walk too far from the scene or his truck. What road was he walking on? Where was he coming from or going to prior to the accident? Shouldn’t be that difficult to figure out. Sounds like he may have been intoxicated…just saying!

  • He remembers walking past a few places, we pieced it together and found out he walked almost 12 miles. I should know I looked all night for him, I’m his father and no he wasn’t intoxicated, his dog saved his life, he kept falling down or stopping and the dog would wake him up by licking him, then my son would follow the dog, he was just a few miles from home when they found him.

    Not everybody does drugs or drinks then gets in a car, he was coming home from work, when he crashed.

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