[UPDATE 7:22 p.m.] Former Eureka Youth Who Stabbed Four in Laytonville Pleads Guilty



Today, a man who had lived in Eureka earlier this year pled guilty to murdering two and injuring two others in a stabbing spree which took place in Laytonville this July.  Talen Barton, age 19, stabbed his 17-year-old friend and the friend’s father fatally. He also stabbed the mother and the uncle of his friend. (See earlier stories here and here.)

UPDATE 7:22 p.m.: 



  • He should plead guilty!Thanks for saving us and the family from all the legal bulls*it!Rest in luxury in prison psycho!At our expense!

    • Luxury? I tell you what, you go spend a week in prison and come back and tell us how luxurious it was and how pampered you felt on your vacation. He will never walk in freedom again.

      • Neither will his victims. May they rest in peace and the remaining family find solace.

      • Yeah, pretty weird comment. This guy stabbed people to death, stabbed people that didn’t die and took hostages. When he is in prison, you can visit and console him.

        • All he did was point out that ” rest in luxury ” was weird. Have a miserable time is probably what Amelia was really aiming for.

  • KMUD’s talking about his sentence, saying he won’t even be eligible to talk to the Parole Board until he’s 89, when the PD said sentencing won’t be until October. Whatever. Nothing can fix this. It’s still so completely without even a twisted sense to it, it makes me feel weak, vitality feels like it’s draining out the soles of my feet and my thoughts get strangled in my brain whenever I try to think about it.

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