[UPDATE 10:17 p.m.] Evacuations Ordered as Another Fire Rolls Through Lake County This Afternoon


Another wildfire takes off in Lake County. This time near Upper Lake. [Photo take from Hwy 20 headed towards Hwy 53 by Andrew Kellison]

Around 3:30 p.m. the report of a wildfire near Upper Lake not far from Hwy 20 started by a lawnmower sent firefighters scrambling. But the fire is now raging out of control. Caltrans’ Quick Map indicates that now there are restrictions to travel on Elk Mountain Road and Rancheria Road because of the blaze.

Lake County News is reporting mandatory evacuations on White Rock Canyon Road.

CaptureUPDATE 5 p.m.: It’s being called the Elk Fire .

UPDATE 5:05 p.m.: Cal Fire tweeted,

UPDATE 5:16 p.m.: For a map of the actual fire location, click here.

UPDATE 5:30 p.m.: Scanner traffic for the fire here.

UPDATE 6:20 p.m.: The plume of smoke is also visible from I5.



UPDATE 6:30 p.m.: Cal Fire tweets,

UPDATE 7:07 p.m.:


View from a nearby peak. [Photo by Andrew Kellison]

UPDATE 7:11 p.m.: Cal Fire is saying, “The Elk Incident is currently 100 acres in grass oak woodland and brush. Firefighters and Arial resources at scene are aggressively fighting the fire with additional firefighting resources requested and responding.”

UPDATE 8:35 p.m.: Photographer Bambi Henderson writes, “[W]e can see trees bursting into flames from where we are standing. We are right across from Lakeside Materials here in Upper Lake.”

11949435_1064798903544394_2687465732759576873_nUPDATE 8:52 p.m.:

UPDATE 8:55 p.m.: Photographer Bambi Henderson describes this image as “[t]rees exploding on the far ridge with a bomber coming in for a drop.”



UPDATE 10:17 p.m.: As of 7:45 p.m., the fire is 450 acres and 20% contained.



  • Oh, no- because of a lawnmower?!

  • Omg,here we go again.what knuckle -head used a lawnmower in a drought? ?ah duh

  • They may well have been trying to maintain their fire safety perimeter. A neighbor started a fire in our neck of the woods years ago while burning off a little patch so he could have a safe campfire.

  • the above pic is on highway 20 and it is heading east toward highway 53
    but only about a mile west of highway 29 intersection

  • KZYX actually broke into NPR’s piece on Kissinger to broadcast the mandatory evacuation news, this afternoon. You know it’s serious when they break into NPR. They did it again a few minutes later. I was on 101 and couldn’t see any smoke, but then I was driving and couldn’t direct a lot of attention to the eastern horizon.

  • Sept. can be a very DANGEROUS and long month in Lake Co.

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