Eureka Police Identify Fortuna Residences as Source of Heroin Trafficking

This is a press release from the Eureka Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 5.27.18 PMOver the past several months, the Eureka Police Department’s Problem Oriented Policing Unit has been conducting an investigation into heroin trafficking within the Eureka area. As a result of that investigation, officers and detectives with the Eureka Police Department served multiple Search Warrants in Fortuna on Tuesday, 09/01/15.

The warrant services resulted in the seizure of approximately 1.1 lbs. of heroin, 2.7 grams of methamphetamine and $16000.00 cash. Gilberto Giron-Ramirez (40) of Fortuna, was arrested for Possession of Heroin, Possession of Heroin for Sales and Conspiracy. Pedro Sierra-Pozos (43) also of Fortuna was arrested for Possession of Heroin, Possession of Heroin for Sales, Possession of Methamphetamine and Conspiracy.

Both Giron-Ramirez and Sierra-Pozos were transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility where they were booked then released on their own recognizance.

*Anyone with information concerning suspected drug activity, or other nuisances occurring in the City of Eureka is encouraged to call the Problem Oriented Policing Unit at (707) 441-4373.P1040984 DSCN2030



  • Wow, heroin traffickers released on their own recognizance??? What the F? The low level tweekers from Myers flat were held on 500k bail for having a few cans of butane, these scum bags are ruining our community, I find this disturbing and am feeling like I should move somewhere safer to raise my family.

  • I agree 100%! Book & release heroin dealers after extensive funds spent on task force?? This is disturbing. Who do the police keep in jail if not these menaces?

  • Wow! Heroin traffickers released on own recognizance?! With over 1 pound seized?! Okay, I guess the problem was always much deeper than Gallegos. We seem to have a serious systemic malfunction over at the courthouse! Somebody call the networks- I believe this should be national news.

  • WHAT!!! 1.1 pounds of heroin seized and booked and released? Shall we start a betting pool on whether the two guys show up for court? And what’s with the amount of cash seized? Is a comma misplaced somewhere? EPD needs someone with writing skills to proofread press releases. And how did this get by the DA?

  • Great job E.P.D. keep looking in Fortuna there’s more to find.Rohnerville is a part of Fortuna …

  • If you have the fortitude to read this series:

    you may come out with a good idea how/why these guys got OR’d.

  • They are probably already back in Mexico. The court system here is totally retarded.

  • Wow, cops taking “donations”, letting drug traffickers go, people killing cops, cops killing people, what’s next?! Our beautiful country needs some major repairs. Starting at the top!
    Crazy thing about theses guys is that they are more than likely going to split to Mexico and disappear.

  • WAIT…They were booked and released?? Caught with over 1 pound of heroin and 160,000 cash? This is ridiculous, obviously they are kingpins and probably would have been bailed out anyway, but stuff like this ONLY happens in humboldt county. Literally anywhere else would have put at least 1 million dollar bail each or just no bail. Pretty much unless you get caught red-handed and just murdered someone, you are booked and released in humboldt county.

    • No room in the jail since the state transferred inmates from state prisons to serve their time in county jails. No it wasn’t Gallegos as many wanted to believe&as mentioned above. The DA can only charge someone if the police do a good job with gathering evidence. Its surprising to me how many folks wanna blame the DA and not even mention the cops role. Many awful people have gotten off on technicalities from poor police work. Perhaps these guys signed over property for police auction or agreed to to be confidential informants. Or their boss paid off someone in cop shop or DA office. Amazing the feds will throw money at pot while ignoring whats really ruining our area- heroin and meth. A nasty meth lab in the woods poisons more water than a pot grow uses. Whats the use of having water if its toxic? And rumor is the cartels are doing poppy fields in CA. A yeast was just discovered that allows someone to make heroin straight from a poppy pod.
      Instead of saying this place sucks I need to move, perhaps we as citizens otta do our duty and demand police work that really benefits the community (and funding for it) & let the state reps know how the filling up of our local jail is affecting our community. If you dont wanna be pro active then please do move away. Tho I doubt you can find anywhere that’s not having these same problems. The jails are full everywhere, prisons are big biz now. There’s always been lotsa heroin in humboldt, got offered black tar my first week in arcata twenty years ago. Didnt accept but know many H addicts are here. Sad.

    SAD DAY !

  • I would like to know, so I can vote against, the judge who thought releasing them on OR was a good idea.

  • Cash = Get out of jail free card.

  • I’m outraged. How can a person who is caught with a small amount of pot will be held with large bail that they can’t afford but these guys are caught with a pound of heroin and released on their own recognizance the same day? On TRAFFICKING charges. That is just not right. I don’t like to make assumptions as to their residency but if they are not citizens that’s even worse.
    I wonder just how much money was really found and how much was reported.

  • This is an outrageous miscarriage of justice. One pound of heroin broken up into ready to sell units, along with large proceeds from the obvious distribution into our community is now on par with a person arrested for drunk driving? (note: i don’t agree with drunk driving!) Both heroin and methamphetamine are scourges on our youth and community. This message that was just sent out by our local law enforcement and our judges is not tolerable. The EPD must be beside themselves. This was good work and even better use of limited resources that now has gone down the drain. Shame on those that allowed this happen.

  • Hey Humboldt Crime lab – please test some of this for fentanyl and acetylfentanyl – these synthetics are causing OD’s all over the Midwest mixed with regular heroin. It would be smart to monitor this evolving situation to get a warning out if AF or fentanyl start appearing….This would be a real public service & possibly save lives….Thank you….

  • Someone should have to answer for this. You don’t get booked and released anywhere in the U.S.A. with these charges. The D.A. might reduce the sentence they will receive as a result of being found guilty, but, the sentence could be as much as LIFE W/O and they just walk out?! Time to remember that the D.A. and the sheriff and probably some of the other people involved in this case are ELECTED OFFICIALS. Find out who dropped the ball on this case and put all of us in danger and email them. Give them a chance to explain what happened in this matter and if you aren’t satisfied with the answers you receive, make sure it’s their last term in such an important position. I’d like to believe that they are doing their best to protect and serve our community but I read this and remember back a few weeks when I saw someone arrested and taken to jail for a dog ticket of some sort. I’m disappointed, but I don’t know any of the facts with regards to why they were released.

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