CHP Searching for Man Injured in Traffic Accident Last Night, Using Cell Tower Pings to Locate

According to a California Highway Patrol spokesperson, last night their agency was contacted by a woman who said she had received a call from her boyfriend. According to the woman, the man was in an accident near Miranda. He didn’t know exactly where he was but he was in a creek with a broken arm.

Officers attempted to locate him last night without success.

This morning, using triangulation from his cell phone pings off of cell towers, they have a better location and will be sending an aircraft out to attempt to locate him.




  • What are the odds he’s driving a Tahoe or Suburban with a missing headlight bezel?

  • what is this “he doesnt know where he is at” business? Did he go for an exploration excursion?
    He diesnt remember what riad he was on? What the last things were like businesses or crossroads, streetsigns in that road?
    It’s time to stop selling drivers licenses to idiots for just inly $24,- thats whats up
    This mirib doesnt know where he was going ? What route he chose and approximately how far he got?

    Sounds like another drugged out gord!
    What kind of crap is this dude smoking?
    Or is this just plain ignorance?

  • LOL Jeff, I was thinking the same thing.

  • Sounds like someone wrecked, saw that he hit someone, made that call, told his GF, “Miranda” area to start a alibi, instead of Fortuna area.. then drove off leaving this guy to die…They have the vehicle license number and I would think registered owners address…and it’s easy enough to check hospitals and clinics for a broken arm patient..

  • Nice try Bob.

  • Anybody have more info or updates about this?

  • yes, I also tied this in with the hit and run when both reports were on this page earlier…they aren’t connected after all.

  • [edit] You clearly have no idea of what happened. The driver of the vehicle doesn’t drink or do drugs what so ever. It’s called hitting your head so hard that you are unconscious and unaware of where you are and what’s going. Instead of assuming and saying nasty things about something and someone you know nothing about you should maybe be a little more respectful to people and their families. How would you feel if it was your son or someone you loved dearly [edit]

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