Bolt Cutters Allegedly Used to Threaten Robbery Victim

According to Brittany Powell of the Eureka Police Department,

On 07/30/15 at about 11:08 p.m., Officers responded to a gas station on the 1700 block of Broadway for the report of a robbery.  The reporting party said that a male told him to go the rear of the business or he would assault him with bolt cutters.  The suspect then took the caller’s wife’s backpack which contained money and miscellaneous items.  The suspect left on foot.  The victim identified the suspect as Edward Brinson, 27 of Eureka.

At about 12:40 a.m.,  Officers located Brinson near Wabash and A Streets.  He was positively identified as the suspect and arrested for robbery and probation violation.



  • i believe this man has been arrested many times before, he is back out on the streets because No room at the jail ? What else could it be ? I dont understand this Humboldt jail , catch and release program. I thought that was only in fishing. Who makes this policy up ? Can we get answers from the people in charge ?

    • @Tugboat these rules and policies are not made up by the Sheriff’s Office. They are under mandates by the courts to keep the jail population at a level the jail was designed for. When there are too many prisoners some are forced to sleep on the floor and are not treated in a manner they like. This is to keep them happy and comfortable….kinda like they do their victims when they threaten to kill you if they don’t get what they want. Can’t have them feeling less than human…only the victims of crime get to feel that feeling after having their security and safety taken from them.

    • Don’t you recall voting about jail releases on the ballot? Maybe some good research is in order and then either a ballot measure to rescind the one that messed everything up or a ballot measure to increase taxes specifically for more jail space. That dirt parking lot was to be I think for new courtrooms before the money was all gone; couldn’t that design be modified to accommodate more jail spaces since the courtroom situation is working okay?


      The state gets federal money from the deal. The Sheriff Department doesn’t support low crime, in fact low crime threatens their job security. The last people you want to see dealing with an issue are the people that profit from it.

  • Ive known eddy since he was young. And he wasnt a bad kid. Just got caught up in whatever he is doing. Sorry to see that he cant keep himself out of trouble

  • Anon- he got caught up in METH I think you meant to say?

  • He should be in prison and is ALREADY out of jail!!!! What a joke!!!!! 😡

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