Picking Up Dirty Needles: Locals Launch a Program

A wagon stocked with items for use in today's cleanup.

A wagon stocked with items for use in today’s cleanup.

Most people shun the discarded needles of drug addicts but today a group is gathering this hazardous waste from Coopers Gulch near Eureka. The Humboldt Area Center for Harm Reduction  (HACHR), a local non profit, is launching a needle clean-up program. “We will be in Eureka today at Cooper Gulch from 10:30 – 12 collecting dirty needles to help make our community safer for everyone,” writes Michelle Ellis who works with the group.

“A big thank you to Humboldt Patient Resource Center for making the donation that made the start of these programs possible!” declares HACHR’s Facebook page.

The group is wants suggestions for future clean up sites and for other areas of concern that the group could address. Contact them via their Facebook with ideas.



  • Thanks to all involved.


    They could force the people using them in the gulch to walk barefoot through the minefield they’ve created, and find the needles themselves.

    Who “they” is, well that’s not clear.

    Good job cleaning the stuff up. Needles are like landmines to gardeners and they seem to be spreading.

    Junkies need to GTFO.

  • Is there a place where these folks can get clean ones? Maybe if they had to hand one in to get a clean one that might help. Kind of like a core charge at the auto parts store. Pay a few bucks or hand in a dirty needle to receive a freshy.

  • You can purchase a package of 10 syringes or a box of 100 at any drugstore no questions asked, new law at the beginning of the year. Disposing of syringes use a sharps container take to Humboldt Waste Management. Any effort to clean up just discarded syringes is great, good luck with that wear thick soles

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