Former Redway Woman Sentenced in Child Sex Abuse Case

Facebook post by Mendocino County District Attorney:


Photo from Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office

At the conclusion of a lengthy sentencing hearing today presided over by Judge Ann Moorman, a hearing that lasted several hours in Department A of the Mendocino County Superior Court, defendant Jacqueline Caroline Vanbezooyen, age 50, of Willits, was sentenced to six (6) years in state prison for her involvement in the continuous sexual abuse of a child under the age of 14. Vanbezooyen had hoped and her attorney argued for a grant of probation to avoid state prison.

Vanbezooyen’s co-defendant, Charles Vernon Griswould, age 69, of Utah, was sentenced to twelve (12) years in state prison for his role in the continuous sexual abuse of the same child.

Because the crime of continuous sexual abuse is characterized by law as a violent felony, both defendants will be required to serve 85% of their respective sentences before they may be released on state parole. Upon their eventual release, each defendant will be required to register with local law enforcement wherever they may be allowed to live as a sex offender and renew that registration annually. Griswould has been held in custody pending today’s sentencing. Vanbezooyen was remanded into custody this afternoon and taken to county jail for processing and housing in preparation of being taken to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR).

The attorney who handled the prosecution of this matter is Deputy District Attorney Shannon Cox, with support from Assistant District Attorney Paul Sequeira. The law enforcement agencies who cooperated in the investigation that lead to today’s sentences were the Yuba City Police Department, the Willits Police Department, the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office, and the Mendocino County District Attorney’s Bureau of Investigations.

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  • From Utah. Go figure.

  • Wasn’t vanboozey living in redway?
    I’m so glad these two scumbags got a sentence that allows them to think about their crimes for a while.
    Women fought so hard for their rights, but when it comes to equal pay or sentencing, things aren’t quite equal yet.
    Van boozeys involvement enabled her Co defendant to commit these crimes and in my eyes she deserves equal length of inprisonment!

    • You would think, it seems logical. As I get older and wiser in life, the obvious seems to not be reality. Why would she NOT receive the same or even longer sentence? Head scratcher for sure. If she is a mother, she should get double the sentence. Our system is flawed. 12 years?? He molested an innocent child, CONTINUOUSLY, and people are spending a life time in jail for weed. Folks like this are lucky I’m not a cop or judge.

      • I agree completely. Except that I feel that anyone found guilty of such a heinous crime should be hung in the public square until dead. We should not have to pay for these animals to live.

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  • I personally know this woman as my kids grew up with hers. What gets me is the fact that when she came back to Mendocino County where her kids were born, she acted like NOTHING was wrong. She is a woman and did NOT protect her own child!!!!! How in the HELL did she act like things were normal?????

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