Followup: From Last Night’s Alleged Assaults to Arrests During Operation Yurok, What More Do We Know?

Readers often have questions about stories–What happened next? Or they wonder about incidents that never get written up–What happened over there? Sometimes we get answers that aren’t really an entire story but are of interest to us and, we believe, to our readers. Sooo, here’s a short recap of what we think you might want to know:

  • Who got arrested during Operation Yurok? During the week of July 13-17, multiple agencies including the state National Guard were involved in marijuana eradication activities in lands the Yurok tribe claims jurisdiction over. A statement by the Department of Fish and Wildlife reported that eight individuals were arrested but a look at the booking logs failed to turn up any marijuana arrests.

    A large amount of trash was found during Operation Yurok. [Photo provided by the Department of Fish and Wildlife.]

    According to Lt. George Cavinta of the Humboldt County Drug Task Force not all those detained were taken into custody. He explained, “James Looney and Hawk Erickson were the only two transported [to the Humboldt County Jail.] [The] other 14 were detained only and released with pending cases to be filed with [the] DA.”Looney, who had a warrant for a stolen vehicle, was charged with Grand Theft Auto (VC10851(a)) and Erickson with a methamphetamine related crime (HS11379.6(a)).
  • Did someone really end up with “facial deformity” last night during an assault last night? According to Eureka Police spokesperson Brittany Powell, “[A]bout 10:40 p.m., officers responded to an unknown problem at a grassy field near the 900 block of Waterfront.  Officers located a male and a female that had been assaulted.”

    Victim on a stretcher.

    Powell said, “The male appeared to have major facial injuries and was unconscious.  The female reported that a male, later identified as Brandon Crosby (31), assaulted her and the male with a large stick after [they asked] Crosby to be quiet.The injured male and female were transported to the hospital for treatment.  It was later determined that the injured male only suffered swelling and no fracturing.  Both are expected to make full recovery.Crosby was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, drunk in public, and probation violation.”

  • Was the female victim from an alleged assault early this morning ever located? Brittany Powell of the EPD explained, “On 07/28/15 at about 1:41 a.m., officers responded to 6th and V Streets for the report of a female that had been assaulted with hammers and bats and robbed.  Officers made contact with several possibly involved people near 6th and T Streets but were unable to locate the victim.The victim called from the vicinity of the Burre Center and denied the need for medical aid.  Officers searched the area but were still unable to locate a victim.
    Officers search through items found with the suspects.

    Officers search through items found with the suspects.

    At 6:45 a.m., the victim phoned EPD and made contact with officers.  The victim again denied the need for medical attention.  Officers are continuing to investigate.

    No arrests have been made related to the assault.



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