Miranda Man Accused of Kidnap, Rape and Torture Waives Right to a Speedy Trial

lusk Miranda man Thomas Leonard Lusk, Jr. waived a right to a speedy trial yesterday, said KMUD reporter, Ama Tierney, in last night’s newscast. His bail is now set at $650,000. Lusk was arrested on July 9 near the Miranda Bridge. A helicopter, K9 unit and multiple officers were at the arrest.

On July 6th, a woman said that Lusk lured her to his home and held her against her will while sexually assaulting her repeatedly over the course of three days.

Tierney said, Lusk is charged with “one count of torture, one count of rape by force or violence, one count of penetration by a foreign object, one count of oral copulation by force or violence, one count of assault and one count of false imprisonment.” The count of torture carries a sentence of life imprisonment.

Lusk had previously been arrested in 2011 after shooting at another man when the man confronted him with abusing a dog.

Tierney said that during this earlier case Lusk was declared mentally incompetent for about one month. After that time he was declared fit to stand trial. Listen to KMUD’s complete report here:

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