Al Jazeera Covers Operation Yurok

Al Jazeera produced a story on last week’s marijuana raids near Weitchpec. The raids, dubbed Operation Yurok, reportedly eradicated nearly 30,000 plants.

The piece focuses on the environmental damage from grows and ends with a Yurok man saying, “We don’t own the river; we’re caretakers of the river. We don’t own the land; we’re caretakers of the land…It’s our job right now to take care of seven generations down the road…They’re going to say, ‘Hey, my forefathers left us something to live for.'”

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  • beautifully said

  • thanks for the post! Actual video!!

  • I’m really curious how Al Jazeera came up with the idea to cover this story.

  • The transcendent bit was the notion that humans live for our environment. Too many never get to the baseline bit, the fundamental reality, that our environment being here for us means we must live by, through, FOR it… or… else….

  • As I asked on LOCO, why are there no lab tested water samples full of pesticide and fertilizer. Normally one gathers hard evidence and not some crap they think might be happening. The double standard against Cannabis is as bad as the early days of the pot wars. Again, based on lies, innuendo, and no actual facts whatsoever.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      You may recall a year or so ago when a bunch of Texas drug busts were vacated when it turned out there were no lab tests, none, zip. Just narc testimony. Mainline journalists across the nation simply assume there are no medical research records on cannabis, so they don’t look and say there is nothing. Dr. Denver Nelson recently said this in the Times-Standard. No medical evidence. Lazy journalism; lazy medicine. Actually, there is tons. Mostly good or neutral. O’Shaughnessy, Mikuriya, and Grinspoon are just a few names to look up.

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