Naked and Confused Man Rescued and Arrested by Law Enforcement


Law enforcement took a bare and bewildered suspect into custody. [Photo by Kym Kemp.]

Scanner traffic indicates that a man who trespassed on a boat at the foot of Commercial Street in Eureka and refused to leave eventually jumped into the water when Eureka Police officers attempted to arrest him. Then he managed to climb onto one of the large wooden pilings nearby.

A social worker attempted to talk “Jack” into swimming the relatively short distance to land but the naked and confused appearing man alternately stood or crouched without responding.

Eventually, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department boat arrived. Two officers managed to talk “Jack” into getting on the boat where he was handcuffed.  The man resisted and called, “Jesus, help me” as officers subdued him.

According to scanner traffic, the man has been contacted by law enforcement 78 prior times.



  • I’m just guessing, but if they’ve dealt with him now 79 times, it could be time to try something new. I mean, obviously the man hates his meds worse than running around naked and confused, and there are people out there screaming to the rooftops that a ketogenic diet CURES schizophrenia. Wouldn’t it be better to TRY that than to keep torturing the guy with the POISON known as anti-psychotic meds?

    Have a heart. Give it a try.

    • Like he’s going to be able to keep himself on a very specific diet? Right.
      This is shameful and the answer is revitalizing our mental health system – this fellow is not even close to alone in needing that sort of help – look at the streets and JAILS for chrissake.

      • Well, I’m actually agreeing with you. I very inarticulately was suggesting that we revitalize the mental health system… give the needed support… start trying things that might really work.

        I think that if the ketogenic diet worked for him, he’d be both able to and avid to keep himself on that diet. The monster problem with modern mental health systems is that they turn almost exclusively to poisoning people down off their psychoses. Some tolerate it okay and can keep to the poison pills. Others, not so much. A few, not at ALL.


    Maybe he is paid to do these things, as some sort of a drill or to raise crime rates in order to get more federal funding?
    If there is no crime the courts can’t make money from fines and slave labor. High crime rates are good for “business” of anyone that feeds themselves through the court process. They have no skin in the game to reduce crime and enjoy seeing themselves being propped up using property owners as their paycheck.

  • They were calling him Zach, not Jack.

  • Did the guy have a tattoo on his back right below his neck?

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