Injury Traffic Collision at Buhne and B in Eureka


Emergency personnel responded to an injury traffic collision at the intersection of Buhne Street and B Street in Eureka before 12:30 p.m. today. A Red Dodge Truck and a maroon Buick sedan were involved in the collision. The driver of the truck was uninjured, but the person in the sedan was injured. We’ll update with more photos soon.

[Reporter’s Note: The photos were taken from a perspective where the injured person would not be identifiable.]

Update 1:13 p.m.: The injured man was loaded onto a stretcher by medical personnel and placed into an ambulance.


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  • last fall two separate cars ran into the same house on that corner…..kinda makes you wonder…

  • This intersection used to be on my morning commute. I recall blind spots because of the on-street parking.

  • Yes, blocked sight lines in Eureka everywhere.

    The last pictures looks I think down Buhne and shows no cars and the brush is pretty far away.

    The crowded corners with cars allowed to park right to the crosswalk seems from the 1930’s, yet featured in Eureka. Civilized modern towns have the cars park at least 6-10′ back from the crosswalk mostly.

    From the picture here that didn’t seem to be the problem this time.

    That is an ugly crash, sorry for those people, injuries, cars wrecked, lives disrupted from that One Moment of inattention, something we all have done and luckily survived.

  • the misadventures of bunjee

    I avoid Buhne just for this reason. On side streets, the parking (like many others) is up so close to the intersections, with various things like fences and bushes contributing, that I might as well drive through a tunnel. As it is, crossing Buhne in many places (all the way from Harrison westward) you have to creep into the intersections and hope you catch a glimpse of something moving through a car window. Traveling on Buhne, you have to watch for said creepers and also those that simply blow through the intersection without slowing down whatsoever. God forbid one rides a bicycle down it. I would say turn it into a one-way but it’s too narrow as it is and with too much stuff blocking views from the corners.

  • I live right there and one of my friends was driving away at that exact time so we saw the whole thing and the red truck TOTALLY RAN THE STOP SIGN!! Lucky for him he wasn’t hurt, when he was completely AT FAULT! My friend informed the police that he was a witness but they quickly dismissed him, and despite this we stayed until the cops finally found the time to listen to what he had to say. I’m disappointed with the how the police handled this situation and I hope the injured person recovers quickly and they are able to hold the driver of the truck financially responsible for their car insurance and medical bills. And I know Buhne has a lot of blind spots but that was not the case this time- the driver of the red truck must have figured the rules of the road like stop signs don’t apply to him, but today was a rude awakening for him. The victim and his family will be in my thoughts and prayers. Get well soon!

    • The driver of the truck said he was in the wrong! And no he didn’t go out today and say THE HE’LL WITH STOP SIGNS CARLY!!! It was a bad accident and he feels really bad.

    • His brakes failed on the truck, prayers to the person injured

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