[UPDATE: ASA Urging Citizen Observation, Meeting Being Held at 10 A.M.] Large Law Enforcement Presence in Weitchpec


A reader is reporting a large law enforcement presence north of Weitchpec off of Tulley Creek Road at the Yurok tribe’s Tulley Creek Fire and Fitness Center. He believes there are at least 20 vehicles with as many officers. He writes,

When I drove by it looked like they were having their morning briefing. The group I could see were all wearing full camo. I would guess 20+/- that I could see but only a small area is visible…..There are rigs from CHP, HCSO, Yurok Tribal, Game Wardens, unmarked, and the one News Channel 3 rig. Channel 7 [RB spoke to Channel 7.]”

In addition, he reports at least one helicopter in the area.

Last year there was a massive law enforcement operation on Yurok lands. Rumors have been swirling that today’s operation will be similar.
UPDATE 9:35 a.m.: A reader reported at 8:50 a.m., “At least 6 vehicles, one pulling a chipper, just headed up Bald Hills Road.”
UPDATE 9:42 a.m.: Kristin Nevedal, the Director of the Patient Focused Certification Program at Americans for Safe Access, is requesting community members gather at Express and More in Willow Creek at 10 a.m. to discuss observing law enforcement action. She sent out the following letter yesterday,

ASA would like farmers to know that they can take some precautionary measure this time of year to help secure their property should they be visited by or concerned about a visit from law enforcement. The following information is not meant to be legal advise and folks with questions should consult with their attorney.

First off it’s always a good idea to prepare a farm folder, that shows all pertinent regulatory compliance information. Make sure that the materials in the farm folder are copies and store the originals away from the farm where they are safe.
small domestic water use permit from the water boards (everyone needs this)
If using ground water – 1602 permit from DFW
If drawing water from a well – the county permit for the well
If storing water in a tank, bladder or container of 5.000 gallons or more the County permit for the tank and the flat it sits on
If the farm has flats or terraces that are man made then the county permits, or paperwork from the engaged engineer helping the land owner file the permit paperwork
Prop 215 compliance paperwork – patient recommendations, articles of incorporation, dispensary contracts, etc.
Tape a copy of the farm folder to the garden gate, or main entrance into the curtilage of the property/homestead area. Farm folders can be posted in multiple locations if that feels appropriate.

If there is concern about law enforcement activity in your neighborhood and/or a visit from law enforcement consider taking the following steps to prepare your family and property.
Remove all guns and ammo from the property and never store on the same property where medical cannabis is grown or present.
Remove all valuables such as cash, jewelry, passports, etc.
Mark the water level in your water thanks with chalk, noting today’s date and photo the marked tank as well as the outgoing intact waterline
Do the same for any fuel reserves on site
Photo all medical cannabis gardens and collective or patient information. Try to show that the medical and compliance paperwork is clearly visible and pertaining to the garden in the pictures you take.
Upload these photos to a drop box or cloud based file that is accessible regardless of loss of phone, camera, or computer

Set up a phone tree with your neighbors and know who, if any, of your neighbors are available to be citizen observers. During the days of CAMP, peaceful citizen observation was key to reducing inappropriate law enforcement actions. All citizen observation needs to be polite and non-confrontational. We will be meeting in tomorrow, Monday July 13th, in Willow Creek at Espresso and More at 10am. Our goal is to gather folks who are interested in participating in peaceful citizen observation and do a brief training before splitting up into groups of 2-3 individuals, depending on law enforcement report. We would also like to hold a town hall meeting tomorrow night to discuss the items in this email, offer a citizen observation training, and a know your rights training.

We will be communicating with Redheaded Blackbelt and KMUD radio tomorrow so please tune in for updates. Folks can also call or text me at my cell phone number listed below.

Kristin Nevedal | Program Director, Patient Focused Certification
Americans for Safe Access (707) 498 9877

UPDATE 9:37 p.m.: Law enforcement removed about 1000 marijuna plants today, says North Coast News.





    uh, oh….

    Looks like The Pit River Tribe was just the start of the list to follow. Gonna be a rough day for some…

  • Wow some actual regulatory information! Thank you. Also good advice for natural disasters/fire to get the important stuff out.
    It really sucks when no one tells you the rules of the game but expects compliance under threat of your losing everything. Smart idea on marking the water and fuel tanks.
    I still dont get why they cut water&fuel lines. If only they did a good job then we wouldnt need this information. The game changes when no one is watching, cops know its your word against theirs. Watch out for your coolers, word from island mtn is some of the younger cops pooped in folks coolers up there. Carrying on the ways of old CAMP.
    If you are someone who doesnt get how inappropriate the cops are once let loose in the woods, then please go be a peaceful observer on a bust. You’ll be surprised. Tho what you wont be able to documents .

  • I saw the convoy of unmarked law enforcement trucks coming into town. Someone is definitely gonna have a crappy day today.

    And no matter how law enforcement tries to make themselves inconspicuous, their trucks and cars still stick out like a big neon sign.

    • Redway resident

      They provide court support and a ton of info exchange to help end prohibition. It makes a huge difference when you are not alone in the courtroom. Would love to start a SoHum chapter. Anyone onboard?

  • Wouldn’t posting patient information be a HIPPA violation?

    • It’s not a HIPPA violation if you self-disclose your medical information. That doesn’t make it a good idea, especially when cops like to bait you about your “bad back” and make other disparaging comments.

      Unfortunately, patient recs are often posted as de facto cultivation licenses, even though that’s not what they’re intended to be. This will change dramatically under AB 266, but that’s another story for another day. In the meantime:

      1. Post a copy of your recommendation, but redact (black out) any diagnosis or other personal medical information. If your physician normally includes such information on his/her recs, discuss your privacy concerns and suggest a redesigned form.

      2. Avoid the temptation to self-disclose medical information during field inspections and in other settings, such as board and city council meetings. All those folks need to know is that your doctor issued a recommendation to use medical cannabis after a private consultation. That makes you state-compliant (at least in some counties) and it’s nobody’s damn business why you have a rec.

      3. If you want to discuss your condition privately with fellow patients for education and support purposes, that’s your choice. Trying to educate skeptical cops who could care less is still not a good idea, since it keeps you talking at a time when you probably shouldn’t say much.

      • Excellent points. And remember once you disclose your medical condition information to law enforcement (or anyone else really) you have no say in what they do with it. It’s no longer between you and your doctor. Don’t answer the cop’s questions even when they bait you. They’re legally allowed to lie to you.

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  • Redway resident

    Are you aware of The Human Solution? They are the real deal.

  • Nice job Kristin! Clearly laying out the information is great.

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