[Update 5:42 p.m.] Bat Assault in Devil’s Playground

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Scanner traffic indicates emergency personnel are responding to a report of a woman who was assaulted with a baseball bat in the greenbelt behind the Bayshore Mall (3300 Broadway) in Eureka. According to the scanner, the woman was hit in the head with the baseball bat and is suffering from a head injury. We’ll update when we have more information.

UPDATE 5:42 p.m.: Scanner Traffic indicates the woman is asking for medical crews to return to the scene and to be transported to the hospital.



  • Majestic Mountain Mother

    EVERYONE KNOWS THAT DEVILS PLAY GROUND is full of nothing but problems. Instead of wasting resources, go in and tear it down and remove the foliage. STOP THE PROBLEM. Yes, they will disperse into the community, but perhaps if we didn’t just make them so GD comfortable in this community, they would MOVE AWAY! I AM SO SICK OF THIS CRAP. ENOUGH ALREADY!!!

  • I read through the whole thing thinking it was a bat, you know the nocturnal ones with wings. Took me a moment to figure it out.

  • I’d rather them all be hidden then roaming the streets mmm. Out of sight out of mind.

    • unless they are ‘out of sight’ in your garage or home robbing you blind! Or worse!

    • Except they aren’t ‘out of sight’ for anyone who works at the mall. Every day, sometimes more than once, we’re chasing them out of our store for theft, harassment, or belligerence. EPD has their hands tied; we don’t even bother calling anymore. Sure, not everyone back there is a criminal, but it is a haven for those who are.

  • Shamefully typical of the local law enforcement, courts and public services in general, this ‘crime camp’ is allowed to exist by being hidden in plain sight. I’m with Arpejo on this one – run ’em out of the Devils Playground, and keep ’em running until they cross into Northern Nevada or Oregon.

    What right or claim do these drains on society have to be an unbridled gang of thieves, punks and robbers? A lot of people have donated and given to organizations like Betty Chinn, the Mission, etc, etc, to try to help those who are looking for help, but if you drive by the Free Lunch facility on 2nd, instead of people behaving orderly and respectable, you instead see morons smoking and slinging dope while laying along the curb like an A&W car-hop, making more than a lot of the workers in this town, and spending it on dope, booze, tailored cigarettes, and of course, making their monthly payments on those $200-$400 baby strollers and bike-trailers they all ride around town. If I saw a baby in one of those carts, I’d probably want to arrest the crackhead on the spot! On the other hand, the family that bought the thing in the first place, now is carrying their baby around because some asshole has stolen their buggy. Fekin’ Vermin!

    The sh!t-drain scum in the Devils Playground and places like it have made it impossible to have any empathy or feelings other than disgust for the whole mob. I’m SO DONE dealing with these drug-adled rats that I will NEVER give a dime to anyone, other than the organizations that WANT TO HELP THOSE WHO WANT TO re-enter society on some level, or, conversely, those organizations that are trying to rid our community of these thugs! Act like decent human beings, maybe get treated like decent human beings!

    • I am with you. If they get something like a meal or Obama phone then they should return some kind of service for society. Picking up garbage would be one example — they need to work for it like the rest of us. Or get a clean pee test before benefits. I know radical thoughts.
      Soon there won’t be enough taxpayers cause its easier not to do anything and get paid than to work and pay for those that don’t work. Sound a little like socialism where everyone should be equal and treated so without any boundaries – garbage collector makes as much as your local doctor.

  • Nobody requires you to donate to an organization, or pay that panhandler. If you do it is only to make you feel proud.
    Stay away from them and don’t shop at the mall, they are only there because you are.
    Mind your own business.

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