Myrtle Avenue Fire Station Closed Today Due to Budget Cuts

Humboldt Bay Fire HBFHumboldt Bay Fire press release:

Effective today, July 1st, 2015, Humboldt Bay Fire Station #4 at 1016 Myrtle Avenue (near Myrtle & West) is unstaffed and closed until further notice. This closure is the result of cuts made during the formation of the City of Eureka Fiscal Year 2015-2016 Budget.

The next closest Humboldt Bay Fire units will respond to HBF Station #4’s coverage area during this closure. Response times will be affected. Although no staffing is available at Station #4, the Emergency Telephone Line is available at the front door of the building and connects you directly to the Humboldt Bay Fire Communications Center.

Always know Humboldt Bay Fire continues to provide the public with the best service it can with the resources available given these budgetary reductions to on-duty staffing and apparatus.



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