Pregnant Woman Injured in Briceland Thorne Road Accident, Road Partially Blocked

chpstarAccording to the California Highway Patrol, a pregnant woman has been injured in an accident near the bridge spanning the Eel River in Lower Redway. The BMW she was in hit the bank. She is out of the vehicle now but has moderate injuries.

The eastbound lane is blocked so avoid the area for awhile if at all possible.



  • I herd [edit] on scanner she is a suspect that the cops are looking for her don’t know why

    • Rebecca Miranda- Drake

      You got your facts wrong, if they were looking for me i would have been arrested, plus the driver of the other vehicle hit me on my drivers side when I was headed to the cove. That’s what you get for assuming, and I just got out of the hospital!

      • I was at the scene of the accident… It appeared that the bmw ran into another vehicles driver and rear passenger door, pushing them off the roadway. Then attempted to flee the scene but the front left wheel of the BMW was so damaged that 300 yards down the road she lost control and crossed the eastbound lane and ran into the bank….

  • Rebecca Miranda- Drake

    Wrong the driver hit my right drivers side and slung me across the road. I’ve talked with the Chp officer and he knows the truth. So get your facts straight before talking shit, and again if I was impaired in anyway I would have been arrested. This town is small but I’m sick of the bs lies.

    • Are you OK? It’s none of my business but I am praying for the safety of your child…. And you of course, is your baby OK?

  • Rebecca Miranda-drake

    yes we are both fine, spent6 hours in the hospital but everything is ok. Just cut up my hand bad and was filled with glass and the normal soreness from the seat belt. I’ll be fine I was mostly concerned about the baby.

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