California Cannabis Voice Humboldt Issues a Call to Come to the Courthouse on Tuesday When the New Land Use Ordinance Is Released


Press release by California Cannabis Voice Humboldt:

As you have probably seen in the local media, we will be publicly releasing our Land Use Ordinance on the steps of the Humboldt County Superior Courthouse this Tuesday June 30th at 3 p.m.

It has been a long process preparing this latest draft of the Land Use Ordinance, and we promised we would give it to you. We can’t wait to do that, but we need your help. You have been there every step of the way on this journey with us. You have come to our meetings, volunteered at events, donated time and money, and offered critical input. We can’t thank you enough for that, and we wouldn’t be where we are now if it weren’t for you. We’re not done however.

We need you to join us on the steps of the Courthouse and stand shoulder to shoulder with your community in solidarity. We need to show Humboldt County that a grassroots movement of farmers, environmental advocates, allies, and community members are ready to create the future. We need you to stand with us and make it clear that the days of living in the past are over. We need your support to show that the status quo isn’t working and has never worked for our farmers and for our environment. The future is determined by those who show up, and now is the time.

Please spread the word; tell your friends, tell your neighbors, rally the community and join us this Tuesday the 30th at 3 p.m. on the steps of the Humboldt County Superior Courthouse. The time is now to step forward into the future. Together. We’ll be there, and we need you by our side.



  • CCVH ordinance is a mega grower conspiracy to take over the biz with no regard for responsible, modest growers. It will cause prices to fall drastically as they blow up the supply. Environmentalist concerns have been mostly ignored. Do not sign their petition and urge the BOS to stop it.

  • Yes Humboldt, hold the hand of your newest neighbor from LA and say “Yes we Can”.

  • Let me get this straight. There’s no public copy of this more current than February until everybody shows support for it on the courthouse steps? What? WHAT?

  • Haven’t we seen what their idea looks like out on Island mountain?

    • That’s the baby version of what it will look like.
      Permits will legally allow people to scale up 1000+% for a minimal cost in water and grading permits. Also think about how out of control it is now with current medical laws and existing agency’s.
      What’s going to happen when there’s more leniency, more space and more water available?
      Current local laws says 100 sqft of growing canopy is legal but the average garden is probably around 2500 sqft.
      Just wait until they say 40,000 sqft will be legal.

      • Current laws put no ceiling on canopy at all if the land is over 5 acres. The limit is 100 square feet per patient, and if you are working with a large dispensary you might be growing for hundreds of patients, and therefore have thousands of square feet of canopy, legally, in Humboldt County.


    Plan will say no, unless the sheriff dept runs it.

    Get over being a idiot in front of their buildings.

    Screw them, vote it lawful where they get NOTHING.

    War crimes aren’t forgiven, we didn’t stat the war- THEY did.

  • Perhaps there is a counter-demonstration I could join? HCCV is not to be trusted. They are not here to help any small-scale growers but to get a big piece of the future pie. They use misleading statements to suck in the gullible and worried. If we’re going to regulate then let’s protect small farmers and regulate to small size. If we’re going to not protect the small guys then let’s push for no regulation but full legalization. I don’t want to see the same people who rolled in here with the mega-grows that destroyed my community now claim the future high ground. HCCV is not for us little people who kept things smaller out of respect for our environment and neighbors! And I don’t appreciate their pretty words that mask their true agenda!

  • In case that there might be a future farming license i hope it includes.
    Drug testing (narcotics)
    Once a year at issuing date, and at random if suspicion accures.
    I hope there will be water storage laws in place.
    I hope that agroforestry is part of it.
    I hope that the farmers will have a cooperative that is for license holder only.
    (That is not directed against any sheriff department, crime association that works in a industrial manner with the di giacomo family bush, neither is it a response against jeffry d johnson a federal legal aid to the giacoma, or neither against the loco who is so related to bellonghams coffe and donuts smugglers, and their russian mules)
    And i hope that the licensed farmer cooperative, has the right to.
    Sell mj medical and recruational.
    At location, in concert with other licensed farmer cooperatives in the state of cali, nation wide, in a manner that supports other local autonomous capitalism.
    And the same for international trade.
    Once 26 states are legal, and weed is fedarili legal, eureka will have the most dankest habor of ever.
    Hooking up dutch and spainish.

    I also hope that the dicission making of the industrie will be fully autonomous, farmers only and that they use A town house meeting system.

  • Kym i like that you are loco autonomous,

    Im really glad, what im saying here is truth, not the whole truth,
    But truth, or as it is said at loco “just the tip”, not.
    Seaman burns

  • All “their” proposals will be a guaranteed joke.
    Or is the system working for anyone out there?
    Now that would be some news!

  • Hahaha what a scam. “You must comply”

  • CCVH’s proposal should be dead on arrival. Greedy outsiders (and greedy LOCALS) who don’t give a damn about our forests, clean water or our salmon. Write Bonnie and the gang of four and tell them HELL NO WE WON’T GROW in TPZ. Thanks to Robert Sutherland for writing an excellent and scathing opinion piece in yesterday’s Times-Standard. He and HUMMAP should be writing our ordinances – not the mega greedy masquerading as concerned local residents.

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