Tehama County Sheriffs Identify 1990 Stabbing Death as Missing Person Out of Eureka

Press release provided by the Tehama County Sheriff’s Office:


Photo from Rosemma Mendenhall’s missing person page here.

On Saturday October 27, 1990 Detectives from the Tehama County Sheriff’s Office responded to the area of Hall Rd north of Loleta Rd. Corning for a report of human remains that were located near a culvert in the area. Detectives observed the human remains that were identified as female. The female remains were decomposed and mummified due to exposure to the elements.

The Female victim was clothed however; no identification was located. An autopsy was performed and apparent stab wounds were located on the front and back of the victim’s torso. Castings of the victims’ fingers were taken in hopes of identifying her via fingerprints. Surgical plates were also located on her right arm and attempts were made to identify the victim through their serial numbers. Detectives exhausted their attempts to identify the victim. This case was listed as a Jane Doe cold case homicide since that time.

The case was revisited in 2013 when a TCSO Detective received information from an Oregon Police Detective that a convicted serial killer was due to be released from prison after serving 20 years. The Oregon investigator advised to look at any unsolved homicides of females in the early 90’s.

Detectives reviewed the case and submitted the victims’ mandible to the California Department of Justice Missing Persons DNA Program. With the advancements in Police forensic science and advancements technology, a DNA match was hopeful.

In April 2015 Detectives were notified of a DNA match to Rosemma Mendenhall who had been reported as a missing person from Eureka California in 1998. Detectives also sent a fingerprint card from the Eureka Police Department taken on June 2, 1990 and the finger castings from the autopsy to the California Department of Justice, Bureau of Forensic Services lab for comparison. The fingerprint castings also matched that of Rosemma Mendenhall.

Rosemma Mendenhall is believed to have been last seen alive in June 1990 hitchhiking on Hall Rd near Loleta Ave in Corning. Next of kin have been notified.

It is uncertain if the Oregon homicide investigation has anything to do with the death of Rosemma Mendenhall. The Tehama County Sheriff’s Office has assigned a detective to further the investigation into the death of Mendenhall.

Hat tip to Channel 3 News.



  • Wow, it took 8 years for someone to even report her missing. So sad that she would not be considered missing for such a long period of time.

    • I wondered the same thing…was this a typo or did it really take 8 years for someone to report her missing?

  • I’m confused. The body was discovered in 1990, the missing persons poster says she was last seen alive in Eureka in 1993. Can anyone clarify?

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