Structure Fire in the Benbow Area

IMG_5838Cal Fire spokesperson Laura Coleman reports that there was structure fire in the Benbow area out Twin Trees Road about 4:30 a.m. today. Garberville Fire, Redway Fire and Cal Fire responded to the scene.

“[There was] small spread to vegetation because of embers,” Coleman says. “It is contained and in check status.”

At this point, the cause of the fire is unknown, and no injuries have been reported.

All of the photos shown except the last have been provided by Laura Coleman. That one was provided by the Garberville Fire Protection District.

2015061795095219 IMG_5836




Fire as seen when the crews arrived.



  • Where in benbow was the fire?

  • Is that a hood to a grow lamp on the top picture?
    It’s too damn hot for indoor ops right now, didn’t this guy know this?
    Was it caused by polish electrical wiring?
    Suck in more amps than available will get them wires glowing!

  • The man who walks in the woods

    I think it is past time for CDF to stop lying about fire causes. I interviewed local chiefs who say 70-90% of rural structure fires are grows. I reviewed many CDF fire reports. Almost none of the grow fires are listed as such. An explosion and fire in my neighborhood 3 weeks ago apparently caused by butane hash extraction is listed as a smoke check. This kind of lying is endangering our communities. There used to be a good reason for this policy, but no longer.

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